Danielle Fishel freaks out when she meets J.. Cole 10 Years After Rapping About Her Famous Character

It turns out that the stars are also impressed.

Young Meets World alum Danielle Fishel shares a healthy video on her Instagram showing the exact moment she was “turned on” while meeting rapper J.

In the clip, Fishel is seen backstage at the 2023 iHeartRadio music festival when someone says, “Danielle, I think J. Cole is coming.” The actress audibly chokes before saying: “It’s J. Cole!(The rapper “Crooked Smile” was present at the festival to sing”All my Life” with Lil Durk.)

Then Fishel is seen walking up to the rapper and telling him, “I need to say hi to you,” before hugging him.

“I watched your show in Los Angeles,” she tells him. “Incredibly, I’m a big fan. The feelings are apparently mutual, as Cole Fishel is heard to say: “Me too. Nice to see you “, before Fishel, still crazy, continued down the aisle with husband Jensen Karp and co-star Will Friedle by her side. .

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Fans of the couple were quick to point out in Fishel’s Instagram post that the encounter happened more than 10 years after Cole appeared on his 2013 track “Villuminati. The song contains a line referring to Fishel’s Boy Meets World character Topanga Lawrence, in which he sings: “Boy Meets World/ I’m trying to find a new Topanga.”

Watch the full exchange between the stars in the clip above.

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