Dante Liporace ignored German Martitegui: “He makes salad, he has no problem with it”

Dante Liporace, former chef of Casa Rosada, was interviewed for the program Gastronomía Sin Gilada (Blender) and strongly criticized German Martitegui , jury of Masterchef (Telefe). The journalist ‘Nacho’ Otero asked him about the quality of today’s restaurants and received a clear answer from the chef.

Is there better food today? Yup. Are there better haute cuisine restaurants than back then? No, ” said Liporace when comparing the current establishments with those of 2008, the year in which the chef returned to Argentina. At that moment the journalist interrupted him: “Martitegui will come out and tell you ‘I am one'”. And then the former chef of Casa Rosada was right in the answer: ” Martitegui does vegan things, so nothing happens to him. ”

“He makes salad, there is no problem with him .” Let’s not worry. He works for television, it’s like talking to Pablo Echarri or an actor, “he said. “There is a saying that there is only good and bad cuisine. And it’s like this: if you eat well, it’s okay; and if you eat badly, it’s bad , whether in a place of haute cuisine, in a restaurant or wherever, ” he concluded.

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