David Valldeperas, The Director Of ‘Salvame’, Makes A Harsh Comment Against Paz Padilla

David Valldeperas has admitted his displeasure with Paz Padilla. The former director of ‘Salvame’ spoke like never before about the abrupt end of the program he had been directing for years. About the real reasons for the cancellation to the contributors and moderators. David gave some information about the reasons why the production company fired the presenter after her sudden departure in the middle of one of the broadcasts after a quarrel with Bel7n Esteban.

Our mood broke. I don’t have a relationship with Paz Padilla and I don’t want to have one either. She stopped having fun on the show, started having strained relationships with some co-workers, and stopped getting carried away by ‘Save me,’ he said. Valldeperas declared in Malbert’s podcast about Podimo, ‘Dear Hater’.

The Catalan explained that at first the presenter liked it and he began not to have fun, and this was broadcast. What could have been a bad afternoon became his end in the program, referring to the January afternoon of 2022, when he quarreled with Esteban and left the set of the program forever. Valldeperas adds that ‘Salvame’ was a program that required a lot of energy and a lot of commitment from those who presented it.

David Valldeperas maintained a close relationship with the presenter beyond work . He and his former partner, the artist Xoan Viqueira, shared outings and other free time with Paz Padilla. However, at the moment the director of the television program has no contact with the comedian from Cadiz, unlike his ex, who has become one of the cornerstones of the comedian from Cadiz’s life.

David does not hide his disillusionment with the presenter and informs Malbert. There was one episode after he left the show that disenchanted me. She thought I was one of her enemies, and that’s not true. I did something with all good intentions, she got something that was not accurate and she thought it did not suit me. He had been good to her, he had done a deed and obviously he knew that he had made a mistake. I thought he liked me better. Given what I’ve seen, it was probably a love of interest and having an ally in the direction of a complicated show. “That’s the only conclusion I can come to,” the Catalan said.

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