‘Dictators’ Meghan Markle branded and Prince Harry ‘paranoid control freaks’ as Kevin Costner distanced himself from the couple

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been called “paranoid control freaks” and “dictators” for trying so hard to control their public image. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are back in the United States after a trip to Europe for the Invictus Games, but controversies continue to accompany them.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that the couple’s counselors were trying to discourage schoolchildren from expressing negative feelings towards them. It was before a visit to Public School 123 in New York, which was filmed for the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan about the Archewell Foundation in 2021.

It is claimed that helpers made the school sign agreements so that no one would publicly criticize the couple after the visit, during which Meghan, 42, read her picture book The Bench to second-graders. Harry, 39, also attended the day and chatted with the children.

Royal author Lady Colin Campbell said the alleged choking was “typical” of the Duke and Duchess. Speaking to GB News, she added: “Meghan and Harry are dictators.

“They try to dictate to everyone what they have to say about them, believe it or not, otherwise they will have to be silenced. I mean, it’s really outrageous.

“If you stop to think, this kind of behavior is unprecedented. No one in the government, no royals would ever behave like this, except Harry and Meghan.”

Earlier, royal writer Phil Dampier said that history had shown that Harry and Meghan were “paranoid” and “control freaks”. He added: “You don’t get the Royals to tell anyone before they come forward: “You know, they’re not allowed to report anything we say.’ try to put it in writing.”

Meghan also made headlines for all the wrong reasons when she attended a fundraiser hosted by Hollywood star Kevin Costner. The One805 live! At the event on Friday night, the couple met with a variety of celebrities at Costner’s Polo Ground in Santa Barbara, including Oprah Winfrey, whom she infamously interviewed in 2021.

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Meghan was introduced at the event and was apparently hoping to give a speech when she reached for the microphone. However, this did not happen, and the duchess had to withdraw her hand.

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