Dismissal Of Kenya’s Foreign Minister Raises Questions About Haiti Mission

Alfred Mutua, until recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, has become the loudest voice of the multinational force led by this African country with his statements to the press and on social networks. However, his resignation raised the still unanswered question, what will happen to the mission that will help Haiti fight armed gangs?

Last Wednesday, Kenyan President William Ruto reshuffled his cabinet, removed Mutua from his post and appointed politician Musalia Mudavadi in his place . Mutua later headed the Ministry of Tourism.

Mutua’s resignation came just days after he said in a BBC interview that the deployment of military forces to Haiti would take place no later than January and other operational details of the mission.

President Ruto responded a day later to the adoption by the United Nations Security Council (UN) of the resolution authorizing the multinational force in Haiti, in which he reiterated the need to help the poorest country in America and asked for more humanitarian resources . However, he did not announce any dates for the deployment, nor the Ministry of Internal Security, which covers police matters.

However, with the UN resolution, criticism and resistance to the use of Kenyan police officers on the part of the Kenyan opposition and representatives of civil society are increasing.

The main opposition leader, Raila Odinga, said Kenya should not have offered and the leadership of the mission would only lead to the repatriation of Kenyan agents in coffins.

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