Does Numa live or die in Society of the Snow?

Netflix’s gripping tale, ‘Society of the Snow,’ plunges its characters into a harsh reality where survival becomes a moral dilemma. Among the stranded passengers is Numa Turcatti, whose journey takes a tragic turn, testing the limits of human endurance. In this article, we explore Numa’s fate, examining the sacrifices he makes and the impact on the survivors.

The Ill-Fated Flight

The narrative kicks off with a group of thrill-seeking individuals boarding a flight to Argentina, seeking adventure and camaraderie. Little do they know, their journey will transform into a fight for survival when their plane crashes in the Andes, leaving them stranded in a snow-covered valley.

Struggling Against Desperation

Numa, initially reluctant to join the ill-fated trip, emerges from the wreckage relatively unscathed. The hope of rescue begins to fade as days pass, exacerbated by the revelation that the rescue mission has been called off. The survivors, facing starvation, are forced into a morally compromising situation – resorting to consuming the flesh of their deceased companions.

Numa’s Moral Struggle

Unlike some survivors who reluctantly embrace cannibalism for survival, Numa resists this harrowing choice. He witnesses his friends succumbing to the desperate act, visibly repulsed, but the grim reality forces him to reconsider. With no alternatives and the specter of death looming, Numa reluctantly consumes human flesh, a decision that haunts him.

The Downward Spiral

Tragedy intensifies when an avalanche buries the survivors under snow for three days. Confined, hungry, and surrounded by death, Numa’s friends continue to consume human flesh. In an act of defiance, he breaks through a fuselage window, sustaining a severe leg injury that worsens due to lack of proper treatment and nourishment.

Acceptance of Fate

Numa’s condition deteriorates, rendering him unable to walk. With all injured survivors succumbing to their injuries, Numa acknowledges his imminent demise. Bedridden and seemingly resigned, he confides in Nando Parrado, expressing acceptance of his fate. Numa’s self-sacrifice becomes evident when he suggests his friends can resort to cannibalism for survival.

The Final Sacrifice

Numa’s health deteriorates further, and a couple of days before his passing, he shares his acceptance of death with Nando. On the day the expedition’s sleeping bag is completed, Numa peacefully passes away in his sleep. His death serves as a catalyst for the remaining survivors, pushing them to realize the urgency of their situation.

Numa’s Legacy

Although Numa does not survive the ordeal, his sacrifice leaves an indelible mark on the group. His acceptance of death and willingness to aid his friends in their struggle for survival strengthen their resolve. In the end, the survivors embark on a perilous journey, inspired by Numa’s tragic yet impactful legacy.


‘Society of the Snow’ masterfully weaves a tale of survival, sacrifice, and moral dilemmas. Numa Turcatti’s journey, though tragic, becomes a pivotal moment in the narrative, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit in the face of insurmountable challenges.

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