Don’t miss the October 2023 premieres on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon and Apple TV+

Disney +, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Apple TV + will arrive in October 2023 loaded with premieres: all new movies, series and documentaries.

This month of October 2023, many premieres of films, series and documentaries on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Apple TV+ are waiting for us. Most likely, you have subscribed to more than one of these platforms, so you probably know that it is almost impossible to know firsthand all the premieres that arrive every day.That’s why we have organized the premieres here week after week. So it’s much easier to know what’s coming in the next 7 days.

Disney Plus premieres in October 2023

In October 2023, many new features will appear on Disney+, such as the second season of Loki or all the special content for Halloween. Disney+ has gained in importance over the months, even “surpassed” Netflix in terms of numbers and has become one of the market leaders in the streaming market with very good original productions.

  • Price: 8,99 Euro per month / 89,90 Euro per year.
  • Free promotion: 7 days trial version.

Premieres of the first week (October 1-8)


  • Dear Mom – October 1st
  • Only murders in the Gebäudefinale – Season 3 – October 3
  • Loki – Season 2 – October 6


  • Haunted House – October 4th

Netflix releases in October 2023

Netflix is once again the platform with the most premieres in October 2023 with the premiere of new series, films and documentaries. Netflix is still the main streaming app, although it lost customers last year, it is gradually recovering.

Price: from 5.49 euros per month, options from 7.99, 12.99 and 17.99 euros per month.
Free promotion: offered only in certain countries, Spain is not included.

Premieres of the first week (October 1-8)


  • True Blood – October 1
  • The Good Doctor – Season 6 – September 4
  • Beckham – October 5
  • Lupine – Season 3 – October 5
  • Hurry to Live – Season 1 – October 5
  • Crying, Laughing, Winning – Season 2 – October 10


  • English: The Story of an Escape – October 1st
  • Invitation to a murder – October 6
  • Dancer – October 6
  • Fair Play – October 6
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home – October 7
  • The Invisible Man – October 10


  • Duel in the abyss – October 4

HBO Max will launch in September 2023

HBO Max is one of the most outstanding platforms, it has always created great productions and this October 2023 we have important premieres. All these are the news that will arrive this October at HBO Max in Spain.

  • Price: 8.99 euros per month.
  • Free promotion: 14 days.

Premieres of the first week (October 1-8)

  • Ghost Seeker: Cecil Hotel – October 1st
  • Ghost Seeker: The Devil’s Lair – October 1
  • Ghost Seeker: Goldfield Hotel – October 1st
  • Scream, the real story – October 1
  • Robert, the Cursed Doll – October 1st
  • The Exorcism of Roland Doe – October 1
  • The Ghosts of Flight 401 – October 1
  • The Museum of Terror: The Infernal Rings – October 1
  • Criminal Mind: The Case with the Bling Ring – October 2
  • Donald Trump: The Great Deception – October 4
  • Jussie Smollet: The Big Lie – October 4
  • Michael Jackson, Lights and Shadows – October 4
  • Ted Bundy, The Charm of a Murderer – October 4
  • Our flag means death – Season 2 – October 5
  • R. Kelly: Sexual Predator – October 6
  • The Bookstore – October 6
  • Crazy rich Asians – October 6th

Amazon Prime Video will launch in September 2023

Amazon Prime Video is coming with very interesting releases in October 2021. It is one of the cheapest and most interesting streaming platforms on the market because it is included in the Amazon Prime stock along with the rest of the benefits we get from subscribing to Amazon.

  • Price: 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year (included in Amazon Prime). Students: 18 euros per year.
  • Free promotion: 30 days. Students: 90 days.

Premieres of the first week (October 1-8)

  • Urban – October 4.
  • Bloody Sixteen – October 6

Apple TV + will launch in October 2023

Gradually, Apple TV + has become an important platform. The content has grown a lot since its launch and has established itself as one of the major platforms in 2023. In October 2023, many interesting premieres will appear on Apple TV+, all 100% original productions, and the level of premieres is already at the level of many of its competitors, always bearing in mind that Apple’s idea is to put quality before quantity.

  • Price: 6.99 euros per month.
  • Free promotion: 7 days for free, 1 year when buying an Apple device.

Premieres of the first week (October 1-8)

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