Doona!: Everything You Need to Know about Netflix’s New K-Drama

Netflix continues to focus on Asian series, as can be seen at Doona! , the series that was recently announced for the premiere on the platform, here we tell you everything you need to know about this new K-drama that will probably be one of the most watched productions on the platform.

Watch the trailer for Doona here!

What is Doona!, Netflix’s new K-drama, over?

According to the official summary of this series, the story that we will see will be as follows: “The life of college student Lee Won-jun takes a charming turn when he has to share his house with Doona , a former K-pop star. As the premiere date of Doona! “On October 20, the trailer and the main graphics are a foretaste of what’s to come . ”

When Doona! out? on Netflix?

The series will be released on Netflix on October 20 and if you are still in doubt about watching it, know that behind it is director Lee Jung-hyo, known for his masterful direction of hits such as Crash Landing in your Heart and Love. it is a separate chapter .

Jung-hyo emphasizes the essence of the series and explains: “The webtoon realistically shows awkwardness in relationships. I want Doona! “Be a series that will allow the audience to remember with pleasure his lack of experience with him when he was young . ”

The idea for Doona! came from a popular webtoon

And not many people know, but the story from which Doona came out! the series came from a webtoon called The Girl Donwstairs (Doona!), which was written by Min Songa, which marks a trend in Netflix series, since this would not be the first time that the platform has a script for an Internet comic

Keep in mind that in the past Netflix also bet on the series Hounds , which is also based on a webtoon of the same name, but with a completely different theme, since it was not emotions that came into play in this story, but the fists of our heroes. .

Who is in the cast of Doona!?

In this new K-drama, the main role will be played by Suzy, who plays Doona, a former pop star who it is not known why she left her career as a star and who apparently has a troubled past; her co-star will be Yang se-jong, who will play Lee Won-jon, a student who will inevitably fall in love with Doona.

They are joined by Lee Yu-bi in the role of Kim Jin-joo, a student who has been Won-jon’s unrequited love since high school. and Lee Jin-wook completes the outstanding cast, so in this series we will have a first-class cast that will remind us how we lived love in our youth.

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