Dragon Ball Magic will convince many people with its animation, according to an insider

Obviously, the visual section of Dragon Ball Magic alone will be enough to win the favor of many viewers

There are only 2 weeks left before the Dragon Ball comic show takes place in New York, which, as planned, will take place. It will include a mysterious teaser for all fans of Akira Toriyama’s work. With the exception of a big surprise, we now know that the mentioned teaser will be dedicated to Dragon Ball Magic, the supposed anime of the franchise, which will use elements of Dragon Ball GT, but tells a slightly different story. However, it looks like the same teaser will be the key to convincing fans.

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Dragon Ball Magic strives to look great on a visual level

It was Geekdom101, a well-known content creator in the Dragon Ball community, who recently made a number of very interesting comments regarding the expectations that should be associated with anime:

Geekdom101 goes so far as to specifically state that “some people seem confident that when the teaser is released, many people will change their minds simply because of the way it looks.”

One must think that during these first few days after the leak appeared, there was a certain dissatisfaction with the fact that Dragon Ball Magic, apparently, is a kind of Moderna reboot Dragon Ball GT. Many fans want to see the animated Moro arches and Granola from Dragon Ball Super right away, and the news about such a “random” project as Dragon Ball Magic ultimately did not meet the expectations of many.
On the other hand, I remind you that some leaks mentioned that Dragon Ball Magic is going to combine the classic aesthetics of the Dragon Ball of the 90s with more Moderna animation and even with a lot of computer graphics, as in the new Dragon Quest anime. Considering what Geekdom101 also comments, it really seems that the art and animation section is intended to become one of the main advantages of Dragon Ball Magic.

It should be borne in mind that if there are 10 to 15 episodes in Dragon Ball Magic, as it seems in the end, the fact that this is a more “focused” project than typical seasons consisting of dozens and dozens of Dragon Ball episodes should allow for greater emphasis on better production. After all, one of the main (well-deserved) criticisms Dragon Ball Super received was caused by the terrible animation it showed at the very beginning, so if Dragon Ball Magic can scare away such a ghost, it’s likely that in fact it won’t be difficult for more than one to give it a chance.

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