Easily create your own Disney Pixar poster and bring your dream movie to life

Have you seen the Disney Pixar movie posters that have gone viral in the last few days about movies that don’t exist? Well, today we will tell you how to create your own poster and bring your dream movie to life in a few simple steps.

So you can create your Disney Pixar poster and realize the movie you want

Keep in mind that creating these posters is extremely simple, and all you need is your computer equipment and a good Internet connection to be able to assemble your own. and if you already have these resources, then this is what you should do:

First of all, you must have a Microsoft account . These are free and you can open yours with your email.

Then just go to the Bing Image Creator website using this link .

Once there, this screen will appear, on which you need to write in the form at the top the idea of the film, the poster of which you want to design . As a tip, try to be as descriptive as possible so that artificial intelligence does not have problems with the design.

Do not forget to specify it in the description so that you can create a poster in the style of Disney and Pixar . For example, we tried: the poster of a Disney Pixar movie about Mortal Kombat and this was the result that artificial intelligence provided us.

And that’s it ! Now go to your social networks to show the poster you created.

How does the artificial intelligence that creates posters in the Disney Pixar style work?

These posters are possible thanks to the fact that Bing Chat has recently integrated artificial intelligence called DALL E3 into its functions , which allows you to provide this program with a guide that will serve as a guide for the platform so that you can create your poster.

Although, of course, this technology still cannot replace the functions of a designer, because the generated posters, even if they are described in as much detail as possible, still do not cover the complexity of human thinking, so your poster may be generated with spelling mistakes, design errors, and may not even be.

However, if you just want to have fun, this tool allows you to spend an afternoon creating those movies that you have always dreamed of, but have never been shot.

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