Eleni Gerasimidou: the only comment worth reading about the procreation of same-sex couples

Eleni Gerasimidou spoke about the To-Proinoo program of ANT1 and raised the flag of love, speaking, like other public figures, about the issue of adoption of children by LGBTQI + parents. We all have to raise this flag if the conversation includes the word children.

Eleni Gerasimidou was invited to talk about Stefanos Kasselakis and also about the topic of LGBTI+parenting. I don’t know what you expected from Eleni Gerasimidou, judging by George Liaga’s comment, you probably didn’t expect her to mention that a family is everyone’s right without exception.

The actress openly supports the KKE, was elected a deputy of the party and was a candidate of the KKE in the 2023 elections, and although in her statements she said that the Kukuedes are not regressive, she expressed Giorgos Liagas before her statements were submitted. from their own opposite point of view.

Children are the most sacred thing in the world. If people love children, let them love them and show it to us. the issue of children is not an issue that should concern other people, except those who are affected. It’s a matter of the family, it’s a matter of choice and these are the rights of everyone , said Eleni Gerasimidou.

The value of love, this should be in the first place in any discussion of procreation. The love that remains and the children need is the beginning and the end of the conversation. Creating a family is a personal choice, as Eleni Gerasimidou said, and this love should be the strongest material for this creation.

I do not condemn anyone and I do not intervene in these issues, no matter how much the KKE considers us regressive. And I bring you the example of Cuba. All this was solved in the best possible way and without any setbacks , the actress added, and then referred to the new president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis.

Mr. Kasselakis is not part of my company like many others. My company is people with effort, commented Eleni Gerasimidou, concluding her statement.

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