Era’s Tour: Taylor Swift Film Hits Record Pre-Order at Cinemark

Cinemark, a theater chain with about 500 theaters, said that ticket sales for Taylor Swift: the Eras Tour are setting national pre-sale records, with demand 10 times higher than for any other film released by the company. The reaction surprised everyone, Cinemark said in a press release.

The excitement for the three-hour film, which opens on Friday, October 13, has increased. An ad for the movie aired last weekend during NBC’s Sunday Night Football, where Swift showed up to cheer up her potential boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Cinemark is not the first theater chain to see an increase in sales thanks to Swift: AMC Theaters previously announced that the concert film The Eras Tour broke records in one-day ticket sales revenue with $ 26 million sold on the first pre-sale date in August.31.

Swift’s film broke the daily record less than three hours before tickets became available, prompting AMC to add additional screenings at available times.

The concert film, which will be shown in IMAX and standard versions in some cinemas, is expected to bring in between $ 100 and $ 125 million on the opening weekend, according to industry estimates.

Superstar Beyonce is also releasing a movie version of her Renaissance World Tour, which will hit theaters. The pre-sale of tickets began on Monday, and its premiere is scheduled for December 1.

For theaters – which are expecting a potentially dramatic decrease in the number of films released due to the (recently decided) writers’ strike and the actors’ strike – the two films seem to be a gift from the music gods. This could be a way to sell tickets that doesn’t rely on an increasingly shaky film industry, even with generally reliable blockbusters.

In addition to Swift and Beyonce, the box office was also preferred by another ruthless woman: Barbie. The film cracked the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office just three weeks after its release; adjusted for inflation, only about 50 films in history have reached this figure. Since its release in July, it has grossed more than $ 630 million at the US box office.

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