Eugenia Martinez De Irujo Responds Bluntly To The Proposal Of Her Brother Cayetano Martinez De Irujo

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo responds bluntly to the request of her brother Cayetano in TardeAR . A few days ago, the rider Ana Rosa Quintana opened her heart and revealed that she had been missing a united family and mother, explaining that she needed to have a conversation with her sister Eugenia. I’m waiting for a conversation with her to start over.

Our differences come from afar, they have nothing to do with memories. None of my brothers read them. They were just angry because of what they received from the press, he explained, adding that until the birth of his daughter, his sister had always been his right eye and the woman of his life. Eugenia doesn’t need me anymore. She is happy with her husband, she is happy at home, with her daughter, which is what I always wanted. Since my mother died, she joined other brothers and died without me , said the Count of Salvatierra.

On October 4, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo attended the funeral Mass of Marta Chavarri in Madrid, where she coincided with Tamara Falco , the cousin of Alvaro Falco, the son of the deceased. The Duchess of Montoro came to the ceremony accompanied by her brother Fernando and revealed her relationship with Marta Chavarri’s family. We were all very perplexed, because no one expected this. “I am very, very close to your brother and Isabel,” she said.

Although at first Eugenia Martinez de Irujo did not want to comment on the controversial request of her brother Cayetano, she finally, when asked by reporters, gave her opinion on his request for a meeting to clarify their differences. But do you know what is happening with Cayetano now? “Well, he takes advantage of the fact that the rest of us are not talking, this must be different, ” she said, accompanied by an incredulous gesture. “I don’t understand,” he added.

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo responds bluntly to the proposal of her brother Cayetano Martinez de Irujo

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo believes that her brother Cayetano is speaking out in the face of the silence of the rest of her family

As for the words of Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, who assures that she no longer needs him, because she is happy with her husband and daughter, Tana Rivera is categorical. But if I’ve been happy for ten years, what does that have to do with it? and repeated that the brother takes advantage of the silence of the rest of the family. “I think he’s taking advantage of the fact that the rest of us brothers don’t open our mouths and he’s taking advantage of that,” she said.

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