Eva Gonzalez Takes Sides In The Controversy Of Aitana, Her Partner In ‘La Voz’, For Her Sexy Dances

Eva Gonzalez defends Aitana, who was her partner in ‘La Voz’, from her recent controversy. On October 1 last year, after the singer’s first concert in Valencia, with which she opened her ‘Alpha Tour’ tour, it became a trending topic due to the sensual choreographies that accompanied some of her songs and that caused some criticism from parents who were at the concert with their children.

Some well-known personalities, such as Patricia Pardo, whose daughters were at the concert, also joined the criticism . ‘It’s a hypersexualisation of childhood,’ the ‘Let’s see’ presenter said.

In the midst of the controversy over Aitana’s sexy dances, Eva Gonzalez attended the presentation of the children’s fashion brand Mayoral, where she not only clarified whether she wanted to fall in love again, but also talked about her work ‘The Voice’.

Eva Gonzalez Takes Sides In The Controversy Of Aitana, Her Partner In 'La Voz', For Her Sexy Dances

Everything is very good. We started with all the recordings and everything, tired, because you know how demanding the voice is, but very good, very happy and happy, especially because he holds some auditions… we are leaders every year. Friday and I am very happy, she said and also wanted to defend the singer from her recent controversy.

Eva Gonzalez, who sent a message to her son Cayetano in her last pasapalabra, admitted that she had not heard very well about the recent controversy about Aitana and her dances, but it is clear that as an artist the young woman can do the choreographies she wants and if parents do not want their daughters to see her, they should not take her to their concerts.

Don’t let them use them. I think it’s pretty clear. She is an artist and I don’t think you can tell artists what to do or what not to do… In my humble opinion, she is an artist and expresses her art as she sees fit, it is not clear, she does not do things so that others like her, I understand, she does it because she feels that way and if others do not like it, they should not leave.

The presenter of ‘The Voice’ encouraged the singer with his unconditional support. “Aitana is ideal, no matter what she does, no matter what the audience is, she is one of the best artists we have in this country, and we have to stick to that,” she said.

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