Evelina Papoulia: revealed why she found it difficult to become a mother

In the show Dad-see was Evelina Papoulia, who spoke to Tasos Iordanidis and the ERT show about her course in acting and motherhood. More specifically, she talked about the negative effects that recognition had on the two strangers on her psychology, the depression she went through, and the reason she had difficulty getting pregnant.

“It was a horror to me to be recognized with the two strangers. We were all very pure. I couldn’t manage it. I think I went through severe depression from it. I couldn’t stand it, it was very difficult,” said Evelina Papoulia, whose difficulty in managing the recognition given to her by the two strangers, had negative consequences on her psychology.

Evelina Papoulia reveals why she found it difficult to become a mother

Speaking about her pregnancy, the actress revealed that her father was the first person to find out about it. “My daughter Venus came quite by accident. It was very difficult to have a child, because I had an operation and the doctor had told me that if I want to have a child, the sooner the better. As a child, it was as if I had started my life. I said at 27 I would have a baby. I definitely wanted a child. George and I haven’t been together long. We could have been six months. I told my father first and then my mother and my partner, ” Evelina Papoulia said.

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The episode will air on Saturday, 30 September 2023 at 16: 00. The excerpt of the interview aired on Mega Good Morning.

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