Exploring the Enigmatic Forge in ‘What If…?’ Season 2: Unraveling Strange Supreme’s Ambitious Plan

The Season 2 finale of ‘What If…?’ left fans in awe as it brought closure to the tumultuous narrative of Strange Supreme. Driven by grief after losing Christine, Strange Supreme’s journey took a dark turn as he sought to reshape reality itself. At the heart of his ambitious plan was a mysterious tool known as “The Forge.” In this exploration, we will delve into the significance of The Forge and how Strange Supreme harnessed its power.

The Birth of The Forge

Since the introduction of Strange Supreme in ‘What If…?’ Season 2, an undercurrent of malevolence hinted at a deeper, more sinister purpose. Initially presented as a mission to prevent the destruction of another universe, Strange Supreme’s true intentions slowly unraveled. His pursuit of a supposed “Universe killer” turned out to be a ruse, as he deceived Kahhori, a powerful entity with ties to the Space Stone.

The Forge, it appeared, was the linchpin of Strange Supreme’s plan. A colossal construct designed to remake the universe, it became clear that this dark sorcerer was willing to manipulate both heroes and villains to achieve his goal, revealing a darker side to his character.

The Dark Purpose Unveiled

Kahhori’s revelation to Peggy Carter exposed the true nature of The Forge. Strange Supreme, fueled by grief and an insatiable desire to resurrect Christine, was using this cosmic apparatus to absorb the powers of superpowered beings. The Forge, it seemed, thrived on the energy extracted from these entities, serving as the catalyst for the recreation of Strange’s shattered world.

The Mechanics of The Forge

While details about the mechanics of The Forge remain elusive, its purpose was clear – to absorb immense powers for the reconstruction of a universe. Strange Supreme’s relentless pursuit of Universe killers within Sanctum showcased his determination to gather the necessary fuel for his ambitious endeavor.

In a twist of fate, Kahhori’s teleportation abilities played a crucial role in disrupting Strange Supreme’s plan. The confrontation between Peggy, Kahhori, and the sorcerer unfolded at The Forge, revealing the dire situation as they uncovered the magnitude of his plan.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

As the climactic moments unfolded, Strange Supreme, in a surprising act of redemption, detached himself from his demonic form. Choosing to sacrifice himself to The Forge, he became the ultimate fuel for the reconstruction of his universe. This poignant moment marked the culmination of his character arc, showcasing the depths to which he was willing to go for the chance to bring back Christine.

However, the bittersweet twist came as Strange Supreme, despite facilitating the rebirth of his universe, did not get to witness its restoration. Consumed entirely by The Forge, he vanished from existence, leaving behind only a symbolic butterfly as a reminder of his enduring presence.

The Finality of Strange Supreme’s Journey

The Watcher, our silent observer, confirmed the irrevocable nature of Strange Supreme’s sacrifice. There is no prospect of his return, and the butterfly that landed on the Watcher serves as the only hint of Doctor Strange’s lasting impact on that universe.

While some may find the conclusion somewhat disappointing, it adds a layer of complexity to Strange Supreme’s character, cementing his legacy as a tragic hero whose sacrifice went unnoticed in the universe he fought so hard to resurrect.

As we reflect on the enigmatic nature of The Forge and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of redemption, ‘What If…?’ Season 2 leaves us with lingering questions and a deep appreciation for the complexities woven into the Marvel multiverse.

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