Exploring the Exciting Possibilities of Happy Hogan’s Transformation in What If…? Season 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been known for its ability to surprise and innovate, and the latest entry in the What If…? series, Season 2, has certainly lived up to this reputation. The season’s holiday special, “What If… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas,” not only gives Tony Stark’s loyal friend and head of security, Happy Hogan, a much-deserved spotlight but also hints at a potential game-changing twist for the Avengers.

Happy Hogan, The Unexpected Hero

In this holiday-themed episode, Happy Hogan finds himself at the center of the action when Iron Man 2 villain Justin Hammer launches an attack on the Avengers tower. As the Avengers are occupied with Christmas celebrations, Happy steps in to save the day. However, a mix-up leads to Happy injecting himself with Hulk blood, transforming him into a Purple Hulk with formidable strength and a hint of rage. What unfolds is a thrilling adventure that not only pays homage to Happy’s comic book counterpart, known as “The Freak,” but also introduces a fascinating new dimension to the character.

A Double Transformation

The intrigue doesn’t stop there. In Episode 8 of What If Season 2, titled “What If…The Avengers Assembled in 1602?”, we witness a different variant of Happy Hogan. In this alternate reality set in the Elizabethan era, Happy is portrayed as a fancy-hat-wearing aristocrat. As the episode progresses, a twist occurs when Captain Carter inadvertently slices off the feather on Happy’s hat, triggering a transformation into the Purple Hulk once again. The fact that Happy Hogan undergoes a similar metamorphosis in two different universes raises compelling questions about the character’s future in the mainline MCU.

Happy Hulk Hogan in the MCU

With Happy Hogan’s increased prominence in recent MCU films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, the groundwork seems to be laid for a more significant role for this character. The transformation into the Hulk adds depth to Happy’s persona, showcasing the versatility of Jon Favreau’s portrayal. Could this evolution lead Happy from being Tony Stark’s trusted ally to a full-fledged Avenger? The possibilities are tantalizing. This unexpected twist opens the door for Happy Hogan to join the Avengers in a more active capacity, perhaps in Avengers 5 or future MCU phases.


What If Season 2 has successfully expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s narrative landscape by exploring intriguing alternate realities and character transformations. The transformation of Happy Hogan into the Purple Hulk not only pays homage to comic book lore but also sets the stage for potential developments in the mainline MCU. As fans eagerly await the next phases of the Marvel saga, the prospect of Happy Hulk Hogan joining the ranks of Earth’s mightiest heroes adds an exciting layer to the evolving storyline. Only time will tell if this delightful twist becomes a reality in the ever-expanding Marvel universe.

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