Family Stories: The Awkward Moment Giorgos Liaga Confronts Fai Skordas With Numbers

Something is wrong, completely wrong with the previous entertainment, now yellow shows with a tendency to reality . The kingdom of the morning zone has something rotten, and it comes out in TV shows. In the last episode of this endless and ongoing reality show, Giorgos Liagas gets into a verbal fight with Dimitris Ougarezos and the splinter also injures Fai Skorda .

Friendships do not break by numbers. What follows is a simple retelling of insults from both sides between Liaga and Hungarian, who fill the audience on their couch with heteronormative shame. Not even among cattle staged in the drag race, so much popcorn was consumed. Kammertheater in 5 acts .

Act One: I don’t want to have anything to do with Giorgos Liagas

Camera for Dimitris Ungarezos: Everything I criticize is professional. I’m not talking about personnel, I don’t want to have anything to do with it, I blocked it, it’s over since last year. Not now. The question is over.

For Liagas as a television professional, of course, I will write professionally and say what I like, since I always do it with decency and reasoning, Dimitris told Sissy Christidou (on the show Smile Again ) about his relationship with George Liaga. Press Play to watch family stories with the main presenters.

Back to the episode Yorgos Liagas, benefactor of all speakers

Grab some popcorn: That’s why some people’s path is short, Giorgos Liagas said about the professional career of Dimitris Ougarezou (#tamisanamoulege). What else did Giorgos Liagas say about his opponent and about himself on the ANT1 show? In many offices where I go, there is a sign that says: ‘There is no enemy safer than the benefactor’, which means, did I help you?

Do I have you by my side? Did I give you a chance? It is certain that after a few years they will come to write against me. Let’s just say at this point that there is no one on TV who does not read the blog of Dimitris Ungarezou, who fell into a cauldron with truth serum as a child. He can’t stand it.

Act Three: The one with the famous guest and the Post give the fire more oil by Antonis Kanakis

A system that deliberately chooses to broadcast the ‘beys’ of this world incessantly, only to turn their racist / sexist /homophobic statements into a television show, then declares itself shocked by these statements. Do you also hear the bells of Giorgos Liagas?

The episode I get the glove from Liaga

Giorgos Liagas characteristically said to Proino: I don’t like hiding behind my finger. After all, a conversation began when all serious and less serious journalist channels and the programs of Greek TELEVISION received the views of Beu. In the serious analysis reports on election night, all channels hosted the Beo. We all disagreed and we all messed with him.

In a modern democracy, voices must be heard by Moderna, for society to move forward. Society is also moving forward with pain. For me, it’s good to listen to Beos, because you can see what the wrong opinions are, who expresses them and which side of the story you want to be on. To me, it shouldn’t isolate Beo because it makes him attractive and it’s like democracy is afraid of him. This is exactly what is happening with Kasidiaris. I humbly believe that!». We can all have a drink together if Giorgos Liagas says his name Beau .

Dimitris Ungarezos took a chance and now you will hear him on the radio

For Dimitris Ungarezos it was just a Wednesday on the radio: who would have let Achillea Beo curse Alcinoos Ioannidis? It went well and consisted in numbers of the New Year’s breakfast. Nobody wants the well-being of the audience, everyone wants to pay .BUMM.

Oppenheimer of the network continued: it was Grigoris, George and Kanakis. There was this contradiction, whether we eliminate people or not, who we know have divisive or even abusive language. From Notis Sfakianakis and Failos Kranidiotis to Golden Dawn, etc. Although by definition Liagas and Arnautoglou do not agree on how to do this work, they argue that these people need to be removed for various reasons. Grigoris, because it tells you that the other person should know what you are listening to, and Liagas, because it tells you that you are playing pranks.

On the other hand, Kanakis said that they should not leave. And Kanakis even had problems with the channel, where he was a manager who allowed broadcasts like Georges. Antonis constantly complained about our program. The icing on the cake was when they took a photo of Antonis with his hair and it went viral. Antonis was devastated because he really had a hairstyle. He grabbed the manager and demanded that he put a heavy hand on us. I don’t know if he demanded that we be cut, but I know that the manager picked us up and helped us a lot .’

Act Thursday: the one in which Liagas spontaneously burned and said out loud

The other makes television and judges the other who makes television. By what right ? Have you ever judged yourself since then? Have you noticed why things are not going well? Have you engaged in self-criticism, where you constantly judge the other person? A few minutes later he returned to the topic in relation to Faye Skordas, who said yesterday that those who call Beo do it for the numbers .

Giorgos Liagas told Mother Teresa that they don’t watch TV

Such cannibalism on television among us … Because since yesterday I have heard a lot of good colleagues accusing some programs of choosing topics to watch, obviously! Of course, we choose topics that concern the world. That means television . We will not touch on a topic that does not concern the world.

All these others are the … Mother Teresa? Are you on a mission? Of course, we want to make audience figures, the rest do missions on TV? Are we doing charity work here? Aren’t we getting paid? Do we not owe a satisfactory percentage to the channel we work with for the channel owner to be able to sell advertising and pay us? Camba, are you coming here? What is this stupidity that strikes some people?And you say that others do it for reviews, while the rest do not do it for numbers? And who says that?

Those who do not make numbers . It’s like we’re making fun of each other. Everyone is pointing at Beo, but only one show was to blame for taking him out because he was making numbers that day, Giorgos Liagas concluded. A little earlier, the presenter had talked about snakes: we were attacked by snakes! Look what snakes I have met in my life. Too many! ». Continue.

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