Fay Scorda is an oasis satin dress and the perfect #inspo if you are invited to a wedding

What makes Faye Skoda’s style interesting is the fact that she always finds a way to portray herself through her appearance. After all, her style is a means of self-expression, and it is precisely in recent years that Fai Skorda has figured out how to translate this into her performances. Without being a fashionista in any way, but testing new styles and trends (as long as she thinks she can support them), the style inspires her through feminine lines that celebrate the feminine body, which often combines with tailored garments.

She may not always excite – this also depends on personal style – but there is always something that we can “hide” from her performances. Since his last appearance, we have been remembering that satin is a great proposal for wedding looks in the fall. If you have a wedding planned for September, Fai Skorda has the look that will inspire you.

Faye Scordas in a satin ensemble at a wedding, it’s #inspo if you are invited to a wedding

Fai Skordas was at the wedding of Giorgos Angelopoulos and Dimitra Vamvakousis, which took place on the afternoon of Sunday, September 24, on the stairs of the church. For the occasion, she relied on the stripped glamor of satin, ideal for an occasion such as a wedding.

Faye Scordas in a satin ensemble at a wedding, it's #inspo if you are invited to a wedding

More precisely, Fai Scordas wore a satin top in a cream tone with long sleeves and a closed neckline. The satin top combined with a maxi slip skirt – or a Hellenistic satin skirt – in coral tone offers a combination of autumnal colors that became interesting.

The set was completed by Fai Scordas with a simple but purposeful style. A white mini clutch from Saint Laurent and a pair of leather sandals perfectly matched the pastel color palette. A subtle gemstone collar added a subtle dose of sparkle to the ensemble.

What do we keep from the set and what would we change?

As we have already talked, Fai Skorda always expresses his personal aesthetic through his performances and that inspires us with his style. So from this look we keep this ode to satin, which she made all over her body. Satin is timeless, it is elegant, but also sexy and can “stay” on a variety of occasions. Yes, it has a formality due to the natural shine that the fabric has, but with the lighter color palette, the presenter gave it a funny touch.

At the same time, it reminds us that satin is a nice proposal for wedding looks in case you have one on the agenda and are still looking for what to wear. However, the colors of his set are a great alternative to the September transitional mood, escaping the classic black and brown shades that we used this season. The only thing that we would change in its appearance and make it even more successful is the outline of the skirt . The high waist would highlight your curves better, while the accentuated waist would make the look less loose and hide all the” flaws ” of the set, such as the wrinkles that form naturally due to the satin fabric.

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