Fedez is already at home with Chiara Ferragni: he is discharged after a hospital stay

Fedez, husband of influencer Chiara Ferragni, has shared his happiest news in recent months: he is already recovering at home. The musician himself announced last week through his social networks that he had to be urgently hospitalized in the Milan hospital because of internal bleeding caused by two ulcers. The serious situation forced him to receive two urgent blood transfusions to save his life.

Finally at home, thanks for all the love and closeness, nothing is taken for granted in these moments, Fedez and Chiara wrote in a sweet publication where you can see Fedez’s hand, still with the hospital bracelet in his hand. doll, Chiara, her children and her dog’s paw. A photo that shows that everyone is working together so that the rapper is supported and protected by his family.

He also took the opportunity to share a video in which he opens the door of his house where his little ones are, who give him a lively hug and welcome him home. The elder gives him some drawings that he made in his absence, and Fedez cannot suppress his excitement when he is sitting on the entrance floor.

The family thanked him from the first minute for the support he received. Thank you for all the messages you send me, because the support is always good at this time. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized for two ulcers that caused internal bleeding , he explained through stories on Instagram, in which he thanked the medical team that literally saved my life, since the situation in which he lived was very serious .

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