Fitbit Charge 6 leaked before the official launch

Fitbit was a pioneer in the fitness tracker segment and is trying to keep its lead. Competitors don’t seem to understand why Fitbit’s products are reverberating in the world of wearables months and even years after their launch.

A typical example: The Fitbit Charge 5 is still our top premium choice among the best fitness trackers in 2023, even though it was originally launched in August 2021. Here we are, more than two years later , and the rumor mill is finally finally heating up for its predecessor Fitbit Charge 6.

MySmartPrice has shared images that give us a clear idea of what the Fitbit Charge 6 will look like. At first glance, the fitness tracker is more like its predecessor, the Charge 5. However, a closer look will discover the difference. The new device has a sleek, sophisticated design, and one more thing – a force-sensitive button, as we revealed earlier .

If a physical button seems like an overrated function, you shouldn’t have used a fitness tracker without it. They had to swipe and tap just to check the time with the Batch 5, which many considered a downgrade after the Batch 4 had a dedicated physical button. But the new Charge 6 feature makes navigating between menus easy and instant.

The fitness tracker also supports “smart” Google apps such as YouTube Music and Google Maps. While there was limited support for pausing and skipping tracks, there wasn’t much more you could do with YouTube Music in Charge 5. Now you can search for specific titles and go to work without unpacking your smartphone.

And if the music takes you with it, a single tap on the button will immediately bring you back to the home screen in case you need to check the time. The high-end device also has better support for Google Maps, so you can choose your destination on your wrist. However, fans will be pleased to know that the rest of the interface will remain practically unchanged, which could bring the new product to an impregnable market level.

Although the Fitbit Charge 5 was available in black, steel blue and moon white colors two years ago, renderings of the new product show three color options: black, pink and beige. Fitbit recently unveiled its new product on Twitter, but did not give exact details about the Charge 6’s debut. However, the latest rumors suggest that Charge 6 will be released on September 28, 2023.

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The new leak comes just two weeks after Fitbit redesigned its smartphone app. With the updated app, the company promised an improved user experience, simplified instructions and intuitive features. And even that may not be the end of user-related innovations in 2023 for a developing company, so we will keep our radar updated as always.

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