Five Reasons Not To Miss The Warning, The Rock Band That Visited Bogota

Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra Villarreal , the sisters of the rock band The Warning, have already landed in Bogota to give a concert this Saturday at the Royal Center. The Monterrey Trio, which has already shone in two editions of the Rock al Parque Festival in Bogota , has just won at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards and promises to offer fans of the genre a show full of energy. For those who don’t know you, these are five reasons to encourage them to see you.

Young talents with mature experience

Despite their young age – the eldest, Daniela, is only 23 years old – the three sisters have demonstrated impeccable maturity and musical ability, which is recognized and praised by music critics such as musician, producer and music teacher Javier Garcia Elima Harel, better known as Shauntrack.

“There are already tables, they have a lot of concerts behind them, and they know how to solve it… The songs are beautiful, they are very well done, they move more and they are more expressive. “You can see that their parents instilled music in them from an early age,” the analyst said in a review of his story.

Since their first album, XXI Century Blood, they have experienced an incredible evolution. His latest album Error already shows an enormous maturity. You don’t want to miss the show you have at this point in your career.

Ellen promoted her and Metallica made her famous

The Villarreal sisters began uploading covers of songs from bands like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica to YouTube. The Ellen DeGeneres Morning Show noticed her talent and invited her to be interviewed and perform live. So things were different for them. However, what really got her going was a cover of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’. The video received comments from the band from Los Angeles, who later invited them to participate in the tribute to the 30th anniversary of their legendary ‘Black Album’ . Few artists can boast of the awards of one of the most legendary rock bands.

A boost for women in terms of gender

The villarreals have broken through many barriers in the industry where male artists predominate. Their international success is a testament to the empowerment and universality of rock music, which has led to more women watching their development and trying to follow the same path. Instead of covering American bands, they are now watching young women pay homage to their own songs.

Connect with your fans

The family has built a very positive relationship with their followers, genuine and deep. They spend time not only working on their music, but connecting with those who listen to them. In interviews with the media, they always emphasize the admiration they have for their followers, who greet them personally. They regularly share photo rooms with groups of fans from all countries, which shows the great professionalism with which they pursue their artistic career.


His latest album is an amazing work. ‘Error’ was voted number 72 out of 100 in the Album of the Year. It is seen in two facets: criticism of people who deserve the influence that the British band Muse exerts on young women – with whom, in fact, they have already shared the stage – and exploring the sensitive side of their feelings. Here you can find his latest works. Tickets to see them are available at Tu Boleta. The concert will take place this October at 7: 00 am at the Royal Center in Bogota.

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