Flour, Season 2: Discover the cast of the most watched series on Prime Video in Mexico

The Harina series premiered its 2nd season on Prime Video and demonstrated two things: that the Mexican comedy is at its best and that the actors involved in this production have remained with the affection of the audience.

Watch the trailer for season 2 of Harina here

Discover the cast of Harina here in Season 2

The series again features Memo Villegas , who plays Lieutenant Harina, whose real name in the plot is Edson Prieto, and obviously we are seeing the return of ver Avermnica Bravo as officer Ramsimrez, whose name in the plot is Rosario Ramsimrez. But they do not return alone, as they are accompanied by:

  • Luis Fernando pe: Mart8n Trujillo
  • Dagoberto Gamaas Comandante Miguel Pizarro
  • Ald7n light as official Irma
  • Daniel Garcia, Director Jr.
  • Alfonso borboleta as David Landeros
  • Giovana Romo as Sandra
  • Ishkra Zavalaas Elisabeth

But for this second season the series will have as new additions Luc superfluous Uribe , Natalia Traven , Miguel Zaragoza and Christian Magaloni, who will come to contribute new plots to this popular production where comedy and crazy humor will be the order of the day. But how did a small sketch become the most watched comedy series in Mexico?

Thus, Lieutenant Harina turned from a simple sketch into a series with two seasons

It was in 2019 when the backdoor comedy label published on its YouTube account a sketch of just 3 minutes and 2 seconds in which we find a policeman in the middle of a police operation where something crazy would happen after the seizure of several kilos of cocaine.

The officer in question began to test the cocaine himself to “make sure” that it was actually a drug. And his reaction to trying this substance was exactly what led to the fact that this video surpassed 43 million views this year. And even if the name of the officer is not mentioned at any point in the sketch, the audience soon called him Lieutenant Harina .

And the huge success of this video was the main reason why Prime Video decided to give a chance to this story, which was released on the platform on March 9, 2022. and although this production was supposed to be successful, no one expected that it would be enough for a second season, which premiered on the platform on October 11.

How many episodes does Harina season 2 have and what is her name?

Season 2 of this funny series has a total of 8 episodes, which are as follows: Cringe, a new kind of flour, Pueblo de Puebla, La Cena, dos Prietos, La Colmena and Un M7xico Limpio .

The curious thing is that this new season was filmed in the Mexican state of Puebla , since Agent RAM Intramrez has to face her past, which has a lot to do with this place, which will bring us more involvements and, of course, more laughter and fun.

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