Francisco Garcia Moritan, brother of the legislator of Buenos Aires, was involved in a scandal and arrested

Francisco Garcia Moritan , brother of Buenos Aires legislator Roberto, was arrested this morning after being involved in a scandal on public streets that included a positive blood alcohol test, insults from inspectors and police officers, and the presentation of false documentation.

According to police sources communicated to Infobae, the facts were reported to the Municipal Police this Wednesday at 2 a.m. at the intersection of Avenida Pueyrredón and Libertador, when Francisco Garcia Moritan was subjected to a check by traffic inspectors of the Government of Buenos Aires. Breathalyzer. The result of the examination was positive: the driver had 0.89 grams per liter of blood when the limit value in the CABA is 0.5 g /l.

As in these cases, the inspectors told him that they would seize the car and driver’s license, which caused the first violent reaction. The gastronomic entrepreneur began to insult a woman involved in the operation . “You are a brat with a strange job, go to your mother’s house, you will lose your job,” she shouted, among other things, according to testimony.

When checking the documents disclosed by the legislator’s brother, the agents found that the recording was not in the data system , a circumstance that forced them to call the police. The police officers of the Barrio 2 A district, who went to the busy corner of Buenos Aires, were also greeted with insults. “They’re fucking niggers, they’re going to lose their jobs,” was one of the insults they received.

Given the behavior of the driver and the irregularities in the documents presented, the police arrested Garcia Moritan and took him to the police station to testify. The Department of Western Flagranz, headed by prosecutor Juan Iglesias, filed a lawsuit for aggravated use of a forged public document and for driving with a higher amount of alcohol in the blood than allowed.

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Already on Wednesday morning, Garcia Moritan was investigated by the judiciary and released on sworn bail . He continues to be charged in the case. You must provide your address and participate in the situations. If you do not act by your own means, you will be forced by law enforcement agencies.

The Criminal Code provides for penalties of up to 8 years in prison for anyone who uses forged or manipulated documents to prove the identity of persons or the authorization to drive motor vehicles (Article 292.E 296.º). The Code of Administrative Offenses also provides for penalties for those who drive with a higher than permissible amount of alcohol in the blood.

Like his brother, Francisco is devoted to gastronomic activity. They were partners in their first company, the Belinda Cafe & Deli. On his Linkedin profile, he claims to be the CEO of the Hutong Tang Group, a restaurant chain that has recently added the brand “Diego Armando Maradona”, based in Juramento, under the number 1700. “I have developed 16 restaurants,” he said in an interview.

Roberto is a deputy from Buenos Aires. He threatened to become a candidate for the post of head of government in the last primaries, but a few days before the vote, he rejected his aspirations after reaching an agreement with Jorge Macri, the most elected candidate and current member of the cabinet of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

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