Georgina Rodriguez welcomes life in Riyadh, her new home

The move of Argentine model and reality TV star Georgina Rodriguez to Riyadh after her long-time partner Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Saudi Arabian football team Al-Nassr has attracted worldwide attention.

As the focus has shifted from the football field to family life, Rodriguez’s experiences in Riyadh have become a topic of international interest, and fans from all over the world use his Instagram account to keep an eye on the family’s trips to the Saudi capital.

Since arriving in Saudi Arabia in January, Rodriguez has shared photos from his city tours, his exploration of the desert area around Riyadh and moments with Ronaldo and his children in the kingdom.

Her first appearance in Riyadh was during Ronaldo’s signing ceremony with Al-Nassr, when she caused a social media frenzy as fans from Saudi Arabia and other countries copied her style on TikTok and Instagram.

Online beauty lovers racked up millions of views and shared their take on Rodriguez’s pink makeup look, complete with rosy cheeks and the glazed brownie lip in January fashion.

“Thank you very much, Saudi Arabia, for this great reception,” she posted on Instagram at the time. We are very happy about this new adventure with @alnassr_fc and would like to thank everyone who made it possible.

After settling in, the couple and their children began to explore Riyadh. Rodriguez and Ronaldo have two children together and Rodriguez is stepmother of their other three children.

Family activities that you have enjoyed include going to the cinema, shopping malls and a stop at Boulevard World in Riyadh in January.

The entertainment zone, which was part of the seasonal celebrations in Riyadh, was packed with attractions and activities for visitors of all ages, including cable cars, toys, carnival games and obstacle courses. The model shared on Instagram a series of photos taken during the fun day, with the caption: Riyadh, how beautiful you are.

In one of the photos, she can be seen with large soft toys while standing in front of the Sky Loop ride, which holds the Guinness World Record as the tallest portable roller coaster in the world at a height of 43 m.

In the same week, the couple had a romantic date at the French restaurant Le Maschou.

Rodriguez also closed the red carpet of the Joy Awards 2023. The 29-year-old wore a midnight blue velvet dress by Tunisian designer Ali Karoui from Dubai, golden shoes by Italian luxury shoemaker Le Silla and jewelry by Baharaini Kooheji jewelry.

Ronaldo also celebrated Rodriguez’s birthday in the kingdom with an evening at the Armenian restaurant Lavash on the boulevard.

She was greeted with a three-tiered birthday cake with floral patterns and golden text that said Happy birthday in Portuguese.

Rodriguez also surprised Ronaldo on his birthday, celebrating his special day in February with family and close friends in an intimate encounter.

Ronaldo took to Instagram to share some photos from the day, with the caption of the post: Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages. Grateful to have spent the day with my family and friends.

In the photos, the football star can be seen posing in front of a table with birthday cakes. Another photo shows Ronaldo enjoying the winter on a trip to the Saudi desert, complete with crackling bonfires and traditional tents.

Rodriguez and Ronaldo, who have been together since 2016, celebrated their first Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia with a romantic dinner at Clap Riad.

Rodriguez posted a photo on her Instagram page of her table at the Japanese restaurant decorated with rose petals.

The accompanying caption read: with my husband, although the couple, who have been together for about seven years, are not married.

The Netflix star and her children supported Ronaldo at his matches with Al-Nassr, wore the team’s jerseys and cheered him on the court at almost every match.

On Friday, Rodriguez took his children to watch Ronaldo’s match against Al-Nassr. He played against Al-Ahli.

How happy we are, Rodriguez wrote in his Instagram stories, sharing a video of his children running on the football field.

During his time in Saudi Arabia, Rodriguez worked in several campaigns for Arab brands.

Rodriguez collaborated with Saudi perfume brand Laverne and answered questions about her time in the kingdom in the clip shared by the brand.

Rodriguez from Riyadh said: I feel very safe in this country and I really appreciate his family values in the video posted on social media in August.

I was very happy to be able to connect with this paradise on earth. The power and magic in the Saudi desert is incredible, she said when asked about her thoughts on visiting the country’s desert region earlier this year.

The model went on to share her enthusiasm about experiencing Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.

She was also appointed ambassador of the lenses of the Arab brand Amara.

The family left the country for the summer holidays, but returned to Riyadh in August.

When they got back, Rodriguez posted a carousel of pictures, captioned home, along with a heart emoji.

While Rodriguez continues to embrace life in Saudi Arabia alongside Ronaldo, his trip to Riyadh promises to be a lasting fascination for followers around the world. With his enthusiasm for culture, coupled with his active social media presence, fans can expect new insights into his adventures and experiences in the heart of the kingdom.

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