Google’s Pixel 8 pre-order bonus certainly looks familiar in the leak

Google has always provided attractive pre-order packages and trade-in offers with its Pixel devices. Last year, you could get free Pixel Buds with the Pixel 7 or Pixel Watch with the 7 Pro in selected markets. The upcoming Pixel 8 doesn’t seem to be any different, with the company apparently including free Pixel Buds or Pixel Watch 2 with the phones. A new leak clarifies the Pixel 8 launch day offers and giveaways that Google wants to bundle.

In a post on X, Roland Quandt shared Google’s pre-order package for the Pixel 8 series. If you choose the Pixel 8, you will receive the Pixel Buds Pro , one of the best wireless headphones on the market, for free. And with the Pro model, you supposedly get a Pixel Watch 2 for free. The package is similar to last year’s Pixel 7 series and confirms an earlier leak .

Google provided a similar pre-order package in May of this year with the Pixel 7a, where you could get the Pixel Buds-a series for free.

This pre-order package would make the new pixels much more valuable for the money. A $ 350 free smartwatch will help justify the supposed $ 1,000 price tag for the Pixel 8 Pro, especially since the Pixel Watch 2 could bring some significant changes, including the switch to a faster and more efficient Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip and new health sensors. Based on all the leaks, the watch could be a tough competition for the best Android watches this year. And if you were planning to buy the phone and smartwatch, the pre-order package is a breeze.

Since it seems that the Pixel 8 will cost $ 100 more this year than its predecessor, a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro will help to improve the deal.

The leaked Google Store pages of the previous new Pixels suggest that the company is offering up to six months of Google ONE 2 TB subscription, three months of YouTube Premium and six months of Fitbit Premium as pre-order bonuses. That’s almost $200 in additional freebies through subscriptions to some helpful services. But they will probably only be eligible for you if you are a new subscriber.

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It is likely that the pre-order package will be available only when purchasing the Pixel 8 in the Google Online Store in the USA and other selected markets. Other retailers may or may not offer a similar package. There will probably be a big rush to pre-order the new pixels after Google’s announcement on October 4th. So try to place your order early if you want to secure the package.

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