Harina, Season 2: How many episodes does the most watched Prime Video series have in Mexico?

Season 2 of Harina has become the most watched series on Prime Video in Mexico a few hours after its premiere, but if you are not yet seduced by this production, we will tell you below how many episodes this season has and what the plot is. Mainly so that they give a chance to the policeman, who also has influence on this plot.

How many episodes does Harina season 2 have?

The second season of this series has 8 chapters, exactly the same number of episodes as the first season, and each of these episodes has a duration of between 30 and 34 minutes, during which we will follow the adventures of Edson Prieto.

What is the second season of Harina, the most watched series on Prime Video in Mexico, about?

The official synopsis for the second season of this series tells us the following about his story: “Edson is a fading Internet star. Sandra and Isabel have to cross the border… back. Ramirez’s past goes back to her, a private family from Puebla and her own mother . ”

That is, this season we will see how Edson suffers from the consequences of his actions last season, while RAM Elimrez reveals the story of his past, which surprises even Lieutenant Harina; but, as always, these two officers will have to face the crime, since the new crime they are investigating will take them to the state of Puebla .

And if you think that you already know everything about this comic series, note that below we share some curious facts about this production, where humor and social criticism are the order of the day.

3 curious facts you didn’t know about Harina, the current series on Prime Video

The opening song of the series is a cumbia, which is intended to honor this musical genre so important in Mexico, but what is perhaps not known is that the song was composed and produced by the Mexican Institute of Sound and bears the name Tenente Flour .

After the enormous popularity that the actor Guillermo Villegas gained from his appearance in the backdoor sketch, from which the character emerged, he received job offers for Televisa in his comedy bar, but the actor refused because he did not want to . Manage your career in this way .

In real life, a policeman named Antonio Serrano was fired from his position for uploading a video on TikTok imitating Lieutenant Harina , a fact that the company did not like, so they took letters on this topic.

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