Has Bad Bunny been wearing a wig for weeks?

On October 9, Bad Bunny offered an unexpected preview of their upcoming album Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.

In the preview we see Benito walking through the streets of New York wearing a style similar to the one he wore on his last public outings with Kendall Jenner , where he combined his casual outfits with a plaid scarf on his head and a cap on top. Baseball.

The Latin American Billboard winner then gets out of the car, meets a large group of paparazzi and enters a fancy restaurant. The singer moves around the venue in an elegant suit, takes off his scarf and hat before the next shot reveals his great style secret.

“Don Benito, it’s good to see you. Welcome to Carbone, “says the local host, when suddenly we see Bad Bunny with a completely shaved head.

The unexpected cut surprised everyone, considering that she was recently seen with her long curly hair. Did she wear a wig at her last performances? A viral video suggests that this was the tactic of the artist YHLQMDLG to hide her unexpected transformation.


In addition, her new look reminds us of her beginnings in music, when she wore a narrow cut, which she decorated with various designs made of leaves.

For this reason, many believe that no one knows what will happen tomorrow, could mean his return to his trap roots, a genre with which he started in music a few years ago.

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