HBO Max Release in October: Watch Movie And Series Premieres

With a program full of titles for all ages, horror movies like the Nun 2 and Supernatural: the Red Door stand out this Halloween month.

HBO Max has released this Sunday (1st) the list of movies and series that will be added to the streaming catalog in September. To celebrate the Halloween month, highlights include a Nun 2 and Supernatural: the Red Door, which were recently released in cinemas, as well as Encontro Maligno. When it comes to series, the highly anticipated twisted Metal based on the Sony gaming franchise and Project Greenlight will be streamed.

For animation fans, the seventh season of Rick and Morty and new episodes of Teen Titans in action will also debut on the platform. To follow the full schedule for HBO Max’s October release, check out the full list below.


  • 10.01.2023: twisted metal
  • Green light of the project

New episodes

  • The Unit-Season 3
  • Destiny Patrol-Season 4
  • Forget Me If You Can
  • Greg News with Gregório Duvivier
  • Masterchef Professionals-Season 5
  • The Eyes of the law
  • Brazil Border Operation
  • Yargi: family secrets

New Seasons

  • Those Who Kill-Season 3
  • The Golden Age-Season 2
  • Our Flag Is Death-Season 2

Recently Released In The Cinema

  1. The Nun 2
  2. Chef Jack – The Adventurous Chef
  3. Supernatural: The Red Door


  1. Adventures at Legacy Peak
  2. Nasty encounter
  3. Gray matter
  4. Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!
  5. Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter
  6. Justice League: World of War
  7. MIB: Men in black 2
  8. MIB: Men in black 3
  9. Night of goosebumps
  10. Return to Seoul
  11. Scarygirl
  12. Land of opportunities
  13. A Beautiful Morning
  14. Women in losers


  • Blippi Wunder
  • Ella, the Star Girl (new episodes)
  • Builders of Meka (new episodes)
  • Imagine Mundo Bita-Season 2
  • Teen Titans Go (new episodes)
  • Summer and Todd: the Farmers (new episodes)
  • Loon University of the Little Toons
  • Perninha em Obras: Hands on Works (new episodes)
  • Rick and Morty-Season 7

Anime and Adult Swim

  • FLCL-Season 5


  1. The Bling Ring Leader: The Hollywood Hills Robberies
  2. Cartoon Network: animation over the years
  3. God’s Daughter: Dalma Maradona
  4. It was not an accident

UEFA Champions League 23/24

  • 03.10.2023: Group stage – Round 2
  • 04.10.2023: Group stage – 3rd round

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