Heartbreak High: Australian Sex Education Shows The Right Gender

Shock; Yes, if you think that teenagers live in a rosy universe full of innocence and romance. Heartbreak High is not for those who fall out of the clouds when they hear about lesbian relationships and threesomes between high school kids . 17-year-olds have a love life. What adults need to teach them is the concept of consent.

Heartbreak High looks like a real public school, not a model. It hosts Australians of all shades, not just privileged whites. The Netflix remake of the 90s series, which has been exported to almost 70 countries, is more optimistic and has the happy ending that these children deserve. That’s not to say the show doesn’t talk honestly about drug use, gender and sexuality. The strange scenes that were missing on Greek television until the Milky Way debuted and left the Greek television audience with a mass exclamation of surprise are here.

In Heartbreak High there are students from single parentsfamilies, with parents who are alcoholics, children who grow up with their grandmother, children who do not have money and have to work, basically there are realistic characters from real life, and not from someone’s imagination screenwriters who have no contact with the world of day laborers and the world next door. Of course, it is a series reminiscent of sex education and euphoria .

Heartbreak Hotel does not exhaust diversity and inclusion with queer characters, but adds a neurodiverse character who has her first relationship with a classmate and talks to her best friend about pronouns and their proper use. This is also missing on Greek television, the integration of children with autism thus destigmatizes a stereotype, not with specials on world days.

The stories of the people in the series are similar to ours. Needless to say, the authors of the show have mental health consultants who will help you portray the character .

It’s no coincidence that Heartbreak High is Netflix’s first Australian production. In addition, Amerie (Ayesha Madon) and Harper Asher Yasbineck are the voices of the fourth wave of feminism, which we do not see on Greek television and which reinforces the phenomenon of neoconservatism with historical series.

Heartbreak High is unrealistic about teen sex. Most of the time he uses this narrative path to show us how we should talk about sex with teenagers . There are no outdated stereotypes.

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