How many seasons is One Piece in total? Explanation of Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll Episodes

Your complete guide to One Piece Anime Episodes!

Do you want to know how many seasons there are in One Piece? We don’t blame you because the first episode aired in 1999 and everything went well. There are currently 1,073 episodes of One Piece, as well as special episodes and movies. It will take you more than 24,000 minutes to watch all 1073 episodes. That’s a lot from One Piece ! You can watch One Piece on multiple streaming platforms, but finding out which platform has which episodes and storylines can be tricky. Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll episodes are described here so that you know exactly how and where to watch them depending on your goals.

How many seasons is One Piece in total? Explanation of Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll Episodes

You can watch One Piece on any of the three streaming platforms, so don’t worry if you don’t subscribe to a specific one. However, if you want to watch One Piece in its entirety, we recommend that you watch it on Crunchyroll, as it has the most episodes broken down according to the correct storylines.


Netflix currently has 15 One Piece seasons, 381 episodes, each covering a specific storyline. The story line and episode numbers are listed below:

  • Oriental Blue: 61 series
  • Entrance the Grand Line: 16 episodes
  • Enter Chopper on Winter Island: 15 Episodes
  • Arabasta: 38 episodes
  • TV Original 1 : 13 episodes
  • Sky Island: 30 episodes
  • Heavenly Island: Golden Bell: 22 episodes
  • Naval Fortress: 11 Episodes
  • Foxy Pirate Crew: 22 episodes
  • Chapter “The Seventh Water”: 35 episodes
  • Lobby Enies: 21 episodes
  • CP9: 22 episodes
  • Goodbye, have fun: 19 episodes
  • TV Original 2: 11 episodes
  • Cora Thriller: 45 episodes

Netflix is also home to the One Piece live – action series . The first eight episodes will debut on August 31, and there could be even more, depending on how well they are received.


There are 9 seasons and 574 episodes in total on Hulu, and the storylines are not as organized as in Netflix or Crunchyroll catalogs.

  • Season 1: Episodes 1-53
  • Season 2: Episodes 54-144
  • Season 3: Episodes 145-205
  • Season 4: Episodes 206-263
  • Season 5: Episodes 264-303
  • Season 6: Episodes 304-384
  • Season 7: Episodes 385-456
  • Season 8: Episodes 457-516
  • Season 9: Episodes 517-574


Crunchyroll currently has 21 seasons, consisting of 1,073 regular episodes plus special episodes that count towards that total. The series was divided into the following blocks of episodes of the story arc:

  • Eastern Blue: Episodes 1-61
  • Arabasta: Episodes 62-135
  • Sky Island: Episodes 136-206
  • Water 7: Episodes 207-325
  • The Thriller: Episodes 326-384
  • War at the Highest Level: Episodes 385-516
  • Fishman Island: Episodes 517-574
  • Punk Danger: Episodes 575-629
  • Rose Dress: Episodes 630-699
  • Rose Dress: Episodes 700-746
  • Silver Mine: Episodes 747-750
  • Zou: Episodes 751-782
  • Whole Pie Island: 783-878
  • The Dream: Episodes 879-891
  • VANO KUNI: Episodes 892-Current

The manga One Piece is available for reading on the Viz Media website.

One Piece anime is currently available on popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

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