How much does Taylor Swift’s glass and popcorn cost at Cinemex?

This Friday the 13th, the movie Taylor Swift the Eras Tour has hit the theaters and with the premiere of the movie there are not only 3 hours of fun and excitement along with Taylor’s songs, but also collectible mugs and boxes of popcorn, so we’ll tell you if you can buy them at Cinemex and how much they cost in this movie

According to the chain itself, the popcorn box is the size of large popcorn and costs $ 149 pesos, while the jar costs $ 90, so you can get your combo for $ 239.

Both the glass and the popcorn at Cinemex have the headline “Taylor Swift the Eras Tour” and the drawing of both comes from portraits of the 33-year-old singer. When buying, they include large classic popcorn for the bucket and a lemonade.

What other special offer does Cinemex have for Taylor Swift’s the Eras Tour?

To stand out from the competition, Cinemex announced that there will be not only Taylor’s glass and popcorn, but also a special service so that all fans can reserve a room and attend the concert exclusively with their friends and loved ones , with a capacity for up to 40 guests.

In addition, by purchasing tickets, you can register to take part in a quiz that will allow you to win one of the 13 private screenings that Cinemex is providing for the epoch tour : “Immerse yourself in the cinema experience of this unique show and live the magic of cinema, ” says the network.

What is the difference between Taylor Swift’s glasses and popcorn at Cinepolis and Cinemex?

Unlike Cinemex, the Palomera in Cinepolis costs 1 peso more, so the cost of the bucket is $ 150, not $ 149, while the glass has the same price in both cinema chains.

The designs are practically the same in both cinema chains, although they reported on social networks that the Cinemex glass is much longer and the design is not lost, but the Cinepolis is holographic . As for the dovecote, the Cinepolis is slightly larger and is made of aluminum, while the Cinemex is made of plastic.

Cinepolis has introduced some restrictions on the sale of glasses and glasses, as the sale is limited to 2 glasses and 1 glass per transaction, and the sale of promotional items to both customers and cinema staff is prohibited, to ensure that all cinemas have available glasses and promotional buckets.

When will Taylor Swift be back on tour?

After a break of about two months and between the premiere of her film, Taylor Swift will return to the stage on November 9, when she will perform for three nights in Buenos Aires , Argentina, to continue her tour of Rio de Janeiro. January (17, 18 and 19 November) and São Paulo (24, 25 and 26 November) will conclude the 2023 tour.

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