How to Do an Raffle Online & How to Create Digital Templates with Canva

The design tool offers many templates for creating charity options, numbers or names; then learn how to find templates and create free sweepstakes on Canva

You can create sweepstakes online for free through Canva. The design tool provides various templates that can be customized by users, with options with charity, charity, advertising and much more. Using templates, users can easily create and edit sweepstakes numbers (from 100 numbers or 200 numbers) or names. In addition, important information such as contact details and details of the circulation, registration number and price specifications can be added in the figure.

Facebook Facebook Instagram Instagram facebook instagram After you have created your design, you can share the art on social networks like Instagram and Facebook or print directly from the editing app. Next, you will learn how to conduct an online raffle through Canva. The following procedure is performed on the computer, but it also applies to anyone who wants to access the editor on Android or iPhone mobile phones ( iOS).

How to create and edit a raffle table in Canva

  1. Go to the Canva website ( ) and search for” raffle table” in the search bar. If you want, specify the type you need (100 numbers, 200 numbers or others).
  2. Then click on the desired template and select “Customize this template.
  3. Now just change the template based on your sweepstakes data and share it on social media.

Online sweepstakes: how to create sweepstake tickets in Canva

Step 1. To create an online raffle, go to Canva ( ) and enter “Ticket Riffle” in the search bar. Then press ENTER

Step 2. Select one of the available templates by clicking on the desired option

Step 3. Select the “Customize this template” button

Step 4. From this point on, it is now possible to customize your raffle. Click on the text fields, delete the content and change it according to the details of your raffle.

Step 5. After customization, click the “Duplicate Page” button to make a copy

Step 6. Each time you duplicate a page, select the text field with the sweepstakes number to edit it

Step 7. To download your sweepstakes template, click on “Share”.

Step 8. Finally, select the “Download” button and choose the format. If you wish, you can also print the document directly from Canva.

Other sites for an online raffle

In addition to creating illustrations on Canva, you can also use other sites to organize online sweepstakes. Names like Rifas321 or Rifa Digital are reliable platforms that allow you to carry out the entire procedure online.

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