How to make a free poster in the style of a Disney PIXAR movie using AI?

Find out how to use AI to create your own poster in Disney PIXAR movie style.

Surely, when entering your social networks in recent days, you have noticed that many of your contacts have shared colorful posters, either with disrespectful stories or that reflect their own history. If you want to create your own, here’s how to use artificial intelligence to create a free poster in the style of a Disney Pixar movie.

Maybe more than one poster made you believe that they are real and announced an upcoming Pixar movie, but if you pay attention, you realize that Disney would never make them a reality.

Some of the fake Pixar posters that have gone viral on the Internet are the stories of the former candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio, the subway line 12 with the image of Claudia Sheinbaum, the accident of Huachicoleros, the death of Paco Stanley and the radioactive milk of CONASUPO.

In addition to the Gloria Trevi controversy, Juan Diego uses hallucinogenic mushrooms, the case of La Mataviejitas, the struggle of Professor Peter, the disappearance of the 43 students, the Holocaust, the assassination of George Floyd, the attack on the Twin Towers, the confrontation of emos and punks, the triumph of Messi, the persecution of Pablo Escobar, among others.

Although some fake posters can be funny, there are others that show very sensitive crimes or cases that have offended even those who see them. But there are also other versions that reflect the life story of your friends, for example, what you dreamed of as a child . Here we will show you how to create your own Pixar-style poster.

How to make a poster in the style of a Pixar movie?

With the Dall-e 3 integration in Bing Chat, you can create your own Pixar-style poster. It’s very simple and you can create it using artificial intelligence through Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator. Just follow these steps:

  • You must have a Microsoft email account.
  • Go to the Bing Image Creator website.
  • In the available field, write the request to the AI to generate the image, that is, keywords that describe what is expected from the image.
  • You need to be very accurate in the details, including the desired style, for example: using Pixar-style posters… a boy plays drums.
  • It not only generates what you have requested, but also offers suggestions on what to do next, such as adding details, backgrounds, accessories and more.
  • Facebook Instagram and more After downloading the image, you can share it on your social networks.

Is it free to create a Pixar movie poster with artificial intelligence?

Recently, the image generator in Bing Chat, which is based on artificial intelligence, has received a major update: Microsoft announced that the latest OpenAI template, DALL-e 3, is now available to all users of Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator.

The best news is that creating your poster in the style of a Pixar movie is a free tool.In addition, you can use artificial intelligence to generate more images in Microsoft’s Image Bing Creator.

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