If I eat a lot on weekends, will I lose the diet that I did during the week?

Countless people who are on a diet on weekdays intend to overeat on weekends . They believe that it costs nothing to try different foods, such as fried foods and soft drinks, because it only takes a few days. However, it is a wrong thought.

Overeating on weekends definitely won’t let you reach the calorie deficit, said nutritionist Ismael Galancho, according to published in the Womens Healthmag.

He added: It’s very common to eat well during the week and then throw everything away at the weekend. Besides, on these days it is very easy to exceed calories and far exceed the calorie deficit that has arisen during the week. Therefore, an excessively uncontrolled diet on weekends can ruin progress if the goal is to lose body fat.

Why take care of yourself on weekends?

On weekends, no doubt, you need to take care of yourself. Rest at this time leads to the fact that meal times change, as well as the quantities and types of food. Since it is two days a week compared to five days a week, it seems that it does not affect the body much.

However, several analyzes carried out suggest the opposite; they cite that those who do not pay attention to the way they eat on weekends can gain more than four kilos per month.

In this way, the body absorbs calories differently depending on the time of day, so late eating or eating late, for example, has been associated with a higher risk of obesity, explained the author of the study, María Zerón, for her part.

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This difference is related to our biological clock, which temporarily organizes our body to absorb and metabolize the calories we consume during the day. However, at night it prepares the body for fasting, which takes place during sleep, he stressed.

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