“I’m single!” Alessia’s return to Big Brother and that was the reaction of her colleagues

Finally, the remaining 5 participants of the hope run returned to the Big Brothers’ house. Finally Francisca, Skarleth, Estefanía, Alessia and Sebastian entered the studio again and surprised their colleagues in good and bad ways.

Alessia was one of the last to re-enter, and she did so with a new image, with greater energy and a palpable happiness for those who could receive her at the door.

This was the reaction of his colleagues

Alessia had recently retired from Big Brother and the contestant left the studio in Buenos Aires last Tuesday, September 19, to the surprise of her colleagues.

Finally, in the same week, the hope run was held and thanks to the votes of Jorge and Nacha Ale, he was able to return to the competition. After checking the family, talking with Bambino, and also having a well-deserved rest, Ale returned and surprised his companions.

The departed appeared in the midst of the mustache barks, which greeted them with joy, and also the hugs of Rai, Hans and Jorge. Cony and Pincoya also received her warmly, who were happy about the return of the participant.

The participant, upon entering, shouted from the rooftops that she was single and renewed, which made her colleagues celebrate, with Nacha Michelson being the happiest about this.

Similarly, Alessia Nacha said with a big smile that she would shine now, referring to the fact that she might not shine completely with Bambino.

Finally, Alessia’s re-entry was celebrated more because she managed to have a great connection with the four historical participants of the program, mentioning that she missed them and that it is also connected with the intention of cheering them up.

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“Now I feel more free. I feel more myself. I feel renewed, so I come with everything, mainly to cheer on the Fantastic Four here, because I know what it’s like to be like this for so long. So there is nothing to cheer up the house, “he told the star when he returned home.

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