In Kyveli For Comfort Food: How To Eat In The Village, But You Will Be In The City Center

Imagine the following: you are at work, stuck in the office and need a break. You feel the need for an excursion, absolutely necessary. What if I could take a trip, just a walk to the hive? Or even with a request from your mobile phone?

If you are looking for food and restaurant service in a tavern, Kyveli at Agios Georgios Square in Kypseli promises to compensate you with more than that. Chef Giorgos Kontas personally oversees the daily dishes, which change depending on the availability of raw materials and, of course, the weather. This guarantees an excellent result that will taste your palate and – especially if we approach the heart of winter – will warm the soul of gourmets everywhere.

On the green and lively central square of Kypseli you will feel like you are in the village. In this hidden and alternative destination in the city center you will also find Kyveli . The tavern with its cozy interior and the tables scattered in the pedestrian zone of the square, waiting for you for the winter days in the company of the stoves, will satisfy all your appetite for food.

The approach of the owner, Giorgos Anagnostou, is maternal dishes with a culinary touch, inspired by Izmir, due to the taste influences of his grandmother Izmir.

We tried and highlighted the popeye and Sweepy salad with arugula, tender spinach, lettuce, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, beets, chicken fillet, parmesan vinaigrette and carob, which we accompanied with handmade spreads such as the cheese-eggplant salad.

An ideal and satisfying choice, both as a complete meal and to take away or even to order at the office through the well-known platforms .

When comfort food meets the point of view and the culinary note, grilled herring is accompanied by lemonade, piazza beans, green onions and saffron, in the most delicious meze that should not be missing on your corporate table.

Alternatively, try the bream fillet with boiled vegetables, which scores as a healthier option, but in no way loses its full taste. The hallmark of Kyveli, of course, are the famous pumpkin meatballs with feta cheese. Yes, you are one of those who will eat them endlessly and you will definitely get a second portion.

If you are looking for a fuller and richer taste that fits perfectly with the first autumn cold, take a dip in the always cozy vegetable barley , which you can also find in a vegan version.

If you are looking for a gastronomic destination off the beaten track and are tired of souvlaki, pizza and burgers, Kyveli is distinguished by its taste, atmosphere and quality. The creative Greek philosophy of his cuisine brings groups of all kinds together and always makes the experience at one of his tables different and unexpected.

In its audience there are tourists, elderly people, groups of friends, students and all kinds of gourmets who visit this gastronomic destination again and again. Do not hesitate to ask the always friendly staff about the dishes they propose to you, while for the finale the halva from Smyrna will make up for that.

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