Invincible is the villain in the new trailer for season 2: What happened to Mark?

The Prime video series Invincible has just released a new trailer to promote the arrival of its season 2. However, in this trailer we were able to see something that shocked us fans of this production: and it seems that this is what our superhero will be the villain in the new season , so it’s time to find out what happened to Mark.

Watch the trailer for Invincible Season 2 here

What happened to Mark? Invincible threatens the Earth in the new trailer for season 2

After watching the latest trailer for season 2 of Invincible, all fans of this series remain with their mouths open, because in one of the last scenes of this trailer we see Mark talking to him in his hero uniform . for the world to threaten humanity.

And in this excerpt from the new trailer, we see Mark Grayson telling humanity: “People of the Earth, the more they resist, the worse it gets . And if you think you can stop us, don’t forget, it’s me…”and here the video ends and the logo of the series appears, on which the word invincible (invincible) is written.

In this way, it seems that Mark has stepped on the side of the villains, although this could have a lot to do with the story that this trailer has revealed to us. Below we share with you the other moments of the trailer, which are worth paying attention to.

The other important moments of the new trailer Invincible Season 2

First of all, the trailer recalls the tragic confrontation between Invincible and Omniman (Nolan Grayson), which cost the lives of thousands of people, and also left Mark with emotional scars, since we must remember that his father not only beat him, told him that the earth and everyone who lives on it do not mean anything to him.

And although in the last minutes of the final of the last season we get the impression that Omniman regretted his actions, Mark is still affected by this event ; that’s why he says in the trailer that he is afraid of becoming his father.

However, that’s not all, since we see Allen speaking before a kind of council to defend the fact that Mark is not like the other existing Viltrumites. But a danger arises when the Mauler twins come into contact with someone who can open doors to other dimensions.

When will Invincible premiere on Prime Video?

The second season of Invincible will premiere next Friday, November 3 and will bring us much more action and adrenaline than its first season, in this story that updates the myth of the superhero and which, together with the guys and Generation V, is the best production of this type of characters, far above what Marvel is currently doing.

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