Is it a person who conquers you, or is it AI? Beware of LoveGPT

Love is not what you describe, at least not in some dating apps…

Love is not what you describe, at least not in some dating apps…

And artificial intelligence has also gained ground in matters of the heart, with LoveGPT being the new way to conquer a person on the other side of the screen.

According to their website, the idea is to create impactful opening sentences, write romantic letters or even have conversations:

Improve your romantic relationships with LoveGPT, an AI-powered platform that helps you start interesting conversations and make stronger connections.

In this regard, the antivirus and security software company Avast has asked to exercise caution in case of possible scams in dating apps:

We have discovered a tool that offers extensive functionality on various dating platforms and provides the ability to create fake accounts, interact with victims, bypass CAPTCHA and anonymize access (…) and in addition, Avast reported that it asked for caution so as not to fall into traps or scams.

Some of the tips for recognizing these profiles are whether you seem too eager to share personal stories or ask for personal information.

In this sense, always pay attention to the information provided to the other, such as address, place of work, bank details or other types of personal data that can help possible scammers.

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