Isa Pantoja Suffers A New Disappointment In Her Wedding Preparations Due To ‘The Fault’ Of Anabel Pantoja

Isa Pantoja does not cause any disappointment in the days before her wedding with Asraf Beno. The couple celebrates their wedding on October 13 at a farm in Seville and Isabel Pantoja’s daughter is plagued by setbacks. Added to the almost certain absence of his mother on his big day are other notable absences such as that of Joaquin Prat who, although he was invited, will not be able to go because he has another important matter. But now the collaborator of ‘Let’s see’ would have had a new disappointment and, according to Giovanna González, the ‘culprit’ is her cousin Anabel Pantoja .

Giovanna González explained to Joaquin Prat in ‘Let’s see’ that, last weekend, Isa Pantoja was scheduled to celebrate her bachelorette party with friends but it would not have taken place because Anabel Pantoja did not reach an economic agreement since the celebration was going to be recorded.She asks for a very high price and doesn’t get off her ass and her cousin is left without a farewell. Alexia Rivas, present on the set, explained that she knew something about a farewell.

I was in that group at the bachelorette party in a bar and Anabel was in the group but, in the end, people can’t and that bachelorette party is canceled and, apparently, there was another one that is the one Giovanna is talking about, He commented and then explained that he knew that he was going to make a recording of the pre-wedding but that the production company that was going to do it told him that Anabel had not asked for money to participate.

Adriana Dorronsoro from ‘Let’s see’ has spoken with Isa and Anabel Pantoja and both have denied the information and then Isabel Pantoja’s niece, very angry, has come on the phone to deny that it is her fault that her cousin does not have farewell. I’m freaking out, I don’t go into anything, I don’t say anything and this makes me get upset? Giovanna seriously? Don’t you have my phone number to call me and ask me? I know who you’ve spoken to, I was in the group and thanks to God, Alexia (Rivas) was also in that group, said the influencer who has dedicated her new jewelry collection to her friends .

Isa Pantoja Suffers A New Disappointment In Her Wedding Preparations Due To 'The Fault' Of Anabel Pantoja

I don’t ask for money to go to anyone’s wedding or farewell, says Anabel Pantoja

From now on we will know who he is because I already told you that I do not ask for money to go to anyone’s wedding or farewell,I go because it comes from the heart and she is my cousin and I am going to be with her always and I am already fed up because if it were true I have every right in the world but since it is a lie I deny it and I do not appear on Telecinco because it takes me away and he added that She did not know that the celebration was going to be recorded.

I did not know, just as Alexia said, I only knew that the typical farewell was going to be done and I was just waiting for them to tell me a specific date and she has made it clear that things between her and her cousin Isa Pantoja is fine with ‘recadito’ for Giovanna. I should stop putting shit between my cousin and me and that my cousin is getting married and that they should not try to cloud this because I, precisely I, do not have to get some euros that I don’t even want one euro, I want to make it clear, Joaquin, he stated emphatically.

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