It will have been a truly unique horror movie genre. Marvel’s disagreements with this director did not allow us to see a completely different Dr. Strange 2

Scott Derrickson triumphed in his first solo film with the Sorcerer Supreme, but gave up the assignment to stage his second episode

It is often heard on social media that Marvel Studios is a well-oiled machine in which nothing fails and everything goes as planned. But this does not mean that creative disagreements between the writers, directors and the production team headed by Kevin Feige do not happen from time to time, and, undoubtedly, the change of direction with Dr. Strange 2 was very popular at that time .

After a first solo episode of the Marvel hero that the audience actually liked very much, Dr. Strange got a rather high 7.5/10 from users on IMDb, Marvel Studios decided to bet again on Scott Derrickson to develop its sequel . If the first episode had done so well commercially and in the magazines, then why change things? However, when the shooting of the film was supposed to begin, it became known that the filmmaker behind such horror film hits as Black Phone had to abandon the project.

Creative disagreements were provoked behind this march. From his own words in an interview with the speech collected by the playlist, a little more is now known about his abrupt departure from him and the film he had in mind for Strange.

I can only say that what has been said is exactly the truth. We had real creative differences. You know, the movie I wanted to make and how I wanted to make it was different [from the one the studio wanted]. Little by little it became bovio that we were fighting each other and they ended up making a bad movie. When the producer and the filmmaker try to make different films, a monstrosity arises .

He did not want to dwell on these discrepancies in more detail, but Derrickson said that his view of this Dr. Strange 2 was significantly different from what he showed the viewer in the first film Sorcerer Supreme. It was a truly unique horror film, the American filmmaker added.

Doctor Strange triumphed in the multiverse of madness

After his departure, Marvel Studios turned to Sam Raimi, who staged a rather big Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness . It did not receive as good reviews as the first episode, but perhaps fueled by Spider-man: No Way Home and rumors of surprise cameos, it almost surpassed the $1 billion figure at the box office. One great success, another.

Scott Derrickson, on the other hand, makes it very clear in this talk that he still has a good relationship with Marvel and has gone to the premiere of the multiverse of Madness.

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