Ivi Adamou: Her classic manicure of all time is the #nailinspo of the day

If you are a #nailaddict, you have no complaints. The week began with the consecrated #ManiMonday with the most subtle and elegant version of the “classic” French manicure, Micro French , continued with ideas for manicures on short nails and ends with the wonderful #manis from Charlize Theron at the Fashion Week in Paris and Eva Adamou . Time for the nail inspection!

Therefore, if you love the most classic nail trends that can leave you a white face on any occasion (from the office to the most formal occasions, such as autumn weddings, for example), combined, of course, with the right outfit, but you also want a little touch, you just have to see the manicure chosen by Ivi Adamou.

The French manicure, the singer who likes to experiment with fashion and beauty trends, has adopted one of the trends that have made a strong comeback in the world of beauty in recent years.decided to go for a more modern Moderna version. Instead of the square, she chose a more almond-shaped shape for the nails, while instead of the straight white line at the tips of the nails, she chose a more oval one that followed the shape of the nails.

In fact, a few days ago she herself decided to upload a couple of photos to the stories in her personal Instagram account, where her wonderful manicure was clearly visible.

The classic manicure of all time by Ivi Adamou

The French manicure is undoubtedly one of the most timeless and chic trends that have been introduced in its most alternative versions recently, regardless of whether the distinction has to do with the color or shape of the nails.

French “invisible”, colored or chrome-plated are just a few of them. In addition, there are no limits to the imagination.

Don’t forget to save the designs you like the most and of course bookmark ladylike’s Instagram if you try one of them!

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