Iwan Rheon Discusses Awkward ‘Penis Measuring’ Scene in BBC Drama ‘Men Up’

Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon recently delved into the amusing and sensitive aspects of his latest project, the BBC drama ‘Men Up.’ In this film, Rheon’s character, Meurig Jenkins, becomes part of the first-ever clinical trials for the groundbreaking sexual enhancement drug Viagra in Wales during the 1990s. One of the notable scenes involves Meurig having his ‘penis’ measured during a consultation with Dr. Dylan Pearce, played by Rheon’s long-time friend and 1899 star Aneurin Barnard.

Balancing Humor and Professionalism

In a recent interview, Rheon shed light on the humorous yet delicate nature of the ‘penis measuring’ scene. He emphasized the need for professionalism while tackling such a sensitive topic. Rheon and Barnard, who share a history dating back to their drama school days, managed to infuse humor into the scene while maintaining a respectful approach. Rheon explained, “You’ve got to be professional. Well, it’s funny, because Aneurin and I have got a long history… He was definitely trying to make me laugh.”

Reuniting with an Old Friend

The collaboration between Rheon and Barnard marked a reunion after approximately 15 years, adding a layer of familiarity and comfort to the on-screen dynamic. Rheon expressed the enjoyment of working together again, stating, “It was really nice to get to work with him again. It was a funny, awkward scene.” The camaraderie between the two actors contributed to the overall positive experience of filming.

The Importance of ‘Men Up’

Rheon highlighted the significance of ‘Men Up’ in addressing the delicate balance between gentle humor and the frank discussion of sexual health. The character Meurig, played by Rheon, participates in the clinical trials with the hope of rejuvenating his sexless marriage. Rheon emphasized, “[My character] needs this so much. He feels that this is how to save his relationship with his wife, who he loves so much.” The film not only explores the humorous elements but also delves into the emotional and relational aspects of sexual health.

Navigating the Delicate Subject Matter

According to Rheon, the script’s combination of gentle humor and a sincere exploration of sexual health made ‘Men Up’ stand out. He discussed the unique approach to portraying a character grappling with intimacy issues, saying, “[My character] is talking to [his penis]. There’s all this stuff that he’s been told.” Rheon reflected on the importance of addressing sensitive issues and the consequences of avoiding crucial conversations about one’s well-being.


Iwan Rheon’s insights into the ‘Men Up’ project offer a glimpse into the delicate balance required when tackling sensitive subjects with humor and professionalism. As the actor navigates the awkward yet meaningful scenes, the film aims to provide audiences with both entertainment and a thoughtful exploration of the challenges individuals face in addressing sexual health issues.


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