Jennifer Lopez Tells How She Felt Insecure About Her Body After The Birth Of Twins

Jennifer Lopez has been open about some of the postpartum challenges she faced after welcoming twins Max and Emme Mu, now 15. For this, she attributed to her coach Tracy Anderson, who helped her get in shape after giving birth in 2008.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and revisiting previous versions of myself to fully embrace my current self, Jennifer explained while presenting the Outstanding Achievement in Fitness Award to Tracy at the Daytime Beauty Awards on October 1st. And I remember how much Tracy has inspired and encouraged me over the years to celebrate all versions of my body and continue to elevate myself while my own life and needs have changed.

The 54-year-old recalled: I met Tracy shortly after the birth of my twins. I called her at a time when I felt insecure and wondered if I would return to what I was before, as most new moms do. after the birth.

Tracy, who also counted Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston among her clients, worked with the star not only to regain her strength, but also her self-confidence.

She came into my life, J. Lo noted, and helped me to accept the new me and help me to be and realize that I could be stronger than ever.

The on the Floor singer, who married Ben Affleck last year, shared that there is nothing crazy about her methods, just the commitment to a healthy life that has allowed Tracy’s clients to be in top shape. possible at any time of your life.

Why have so many celebrities been involved with Tracy’s workout routines?

I really believe that I was lucky enough to have trained with people who are very smart and really interested in their art, their longevity and their ability to create this art, Tracy exclusively told E! on the red carpet at the event in Los Angeles, founded by Michele Elyzabeth. And you know that I’ve done the work to know what I’m doing.

In addition, the cardio dance expert is aware of the toxic part of our culture that has fueled the insecurities she is trying to overcome.

It’s not about reaching a certain size or having perfect skin or shiny hair or a certain bra size or butt shape, she explained. It’s about something much deeper than that. It’s something that lights up behind the eyes and the soul, and not all these superficial things.

And it certainly helped Jennifer to always shine. She’s reading to relive the best J. Lo looks of all time.

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