Joao Liberato And Joao Silva: Emotion And Longing In ‘Domingao Com Huck’

I’m really looking forward to it. I know that it will be a lot of fun and a tribute to my father and Faustan. This is how Joao Augusto Liberato summed up the moment before the fight of Lip Sync, part of Domingao com Huck, which will be shown on Globo on Sunday, October 8th.

The son of the late Gugu Liberato will compete in a battle against Joao Guilherme Silva, the heir of Fausto Silva, who will shape the history of the dubbing scene.

When Luciano Huck announced the confrontation in the previous program, which was presented on October 1, the public has already eagerly reacted to the meeting of the heirs of the two great presenters, showing that it would indeed be a historic moment.

Within the framework, each of them will hold two presentations: the first one for warming up, without much fanfare, but with a lot of emotion.

In the second performance, the animal captures, including costumes, ballet, characterization and special scenarios. What awaits you? Double dose of emotions and a big dose of nostalgia, with many surprises that promise to mark Sunday the way Gugu and Faustao were experts.

John Augustus was undecided

Joao lives in the USA and devotes himself exclusively to his Studium.Er still does not know the background of television so well – what he really wants to learn and what he is already preparing for – although he has accompanied his father many times. In fact, Joao makes it clear that he does not plan to start at the top and is already presenting a program on television. First of all, he wants to understand the entire production process, be well versed in cameras and lighting, just like his father.

But this problem would not be an obstacle. He even asked if he was ready to participate in the battle or not, but for another reason: when I received the invitation, I was undecided, because I can not dance and sing. How would you behave like that? But they all made me very comfortable. The direction, the production, the whole team made me feel at home. Everything went well, I was able to learn the songs and choreographies very well, OFuxico said .

Joao Liberato and Joao Silva: Emotion and longing in 'Domingao com Huck'

Shyness was overcome, the limits of singing and dancing too. The result? Let’s all disassemble the fabric and check it together!

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