Joint television interview with Tamila Kulieva and ex-husband

Tamila Koulieva and Grigoris Karantinakis were on the 2Night program with Grigoris Arnautoglou, making their first televised joint meeting. The former couple talked about their common path in life, but also in art.

Tamila Kulieva and Grigoris Karantinakis are together this year at the theater with reversed roles and talk about this new experience. She drives and he plays after years. On the occasion of the event, they initially talked about their knowledge and relationship.

Tamila Kulieva and Grigoris Karadinakis met at Moscow University, when they were completing their studies in theater and directing. An introduction by Aristophanes was the occasion for them to come together.

“The students knew each other because we worked together, there was an interaction. And one beautiful year at school, a colleague of mine came to me and suggested that we load the “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes. We asked Gregory to direct us and so we approached,” Tamila Kulieva said.

After graduating, they came to Greece and got married. They have a son who is now 32 years old. The separation came years later, but they both put aside their “ego” to support their son and, for that reason, they remain emotionally, a family.

“When you have a child, the center is the child, so it didn’t take me a moment to put the child in our relationship with Tamila. For me, Tamila was the best mother in the world,” Grigoris Karantinakis said.

She added: “Stephen at one point told us he was proud of us for having this it was very touching.”

The protagonist admitted the support that her ex-husband always had and how she consults him even now before making a professional decision. Although he is the FIRST to know the proposals you have, he also asks for your opinion. “There are some people you’ve never divorced in your life. Paper doesn’t define relationships with people, so it matters what relationships you build,” she told Love It.

Tamila Kulieva continues for the second year in the series trapped in the role of YVONNE Hadji, while Grigoris Krantinakis directs the popular series after the fire that is broadcast on ANT1.

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