Juan del Val’s Peso leaves Pablo Motos shocked at El Hormiguero

Ilia Topuria is visiting El Hormiguero It has been one of the most pleasant and enlightening since the beginning of the new season of the program on Antena 3, but it has also been one of the games to which Pablo Motos has submitted his guest. For a fighter like Topuria, who competes in the featherweight and lightweight categories, weight is something fundamental that must always be monitored , which is why the presenter wanted to know if Ilia has a good eye for guessing the kilos of some of his collaborators. , as Juan del Val.

The first to pass the scale was Pilar Rubio . Pablo and Ilia were surprised to find out that Sergio Ramos’ wife weighed 65.5 kilograms , more than 10 kilograms than they thought, although it’s not crazy considering that she is very fit and a tall woman. he is 1.72 m tall. However, the absolute surprise came with Juan del Val, who also stepped on the scales and left everyone speechless with the figure .

It is true that Juan has already arrived with homework done, and he pointed out that his size 47 sneakers, another fact that surprised the public, weighed more than half a kilo each, but despite this, the scales did not lie: it weighs almost 100 kilos and weighs exactly 94.69 kilos . It should be taken into account that Juan is also an athletic and very tall man, so his weight is within the normal range. Are Pablo and Ilia betting? The Valencian fell behind when he ventured out at 92 kilos and was amazed because he had thrown himself up while the fighter weighed that Juan was about 78. Not even close!

The game in which the weight of the employees of El Hormiguero came to light reminded us of the funny fight that the writer and his wife Nuria Roca also had on the show months ago, in which they discussed their height : while Nuria admitted to measuring 1.72 m, Juan defended that his wife always puts a centimeter and that she is really 1.69 m tall.” What happened is that one day he measured me in the kitchen and said that, but because he didn’t have the baseboard, ” she defended herself with a laugh.

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