Jujutsu Kaisen: Nobara Kugisaki Characters Death, Powers, and Everything

Nobara kugisaki completes the main trio of the anime. As a classmate of Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro, she is also a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Under the guidance of Satoru Gojo, Nobara is a level 3 Jujutsu sorceress. She is extremely self-confident, to the point that she is sometimes ruthless. To this is added an initially arrogant attitude, and it’s no surprise that the young woman and her classmates Yuji and Megumi do not get along at first.

In fact, Nobara is extremely loyal and caring, becoming a great ally and friend of the guys. On several occasions she shows that she should not be underestimated because she is a woman. A fighter with great abilities, the young sorceress exposes herself to pain and everything necessary to carry out her blows and gain a tactical advantage.

Nobara Kugisaki Powers

Nobara Kugisaki Powers

General Skills: Although you have learned enough to use your magic power and cast curses, your physical skills need to be improved to reach the next level. But she is well aware of this difference, and therefore knows how to use the environment to gain advantages in battle.

Black Flash: During the last fight of the season, she learns to use this technique together with Yuji. A connection between the user and an impact of the cursed energy creates a spatial distortion that creates a flash of this energy.

Straw Puppet Technique: With witchcraft, she injects energy into a hammer, nails and straw dolls. This allows her to exert voodoo effects on her victims and at the same time damage the straw doll and her enemy.

Resonance: uses his straw puppet as an image to apply cursed energy to his victim. This involves using a part of the victim’s body separate from the rest of the body to attack the victim’s most vulnerable limbs.

Hairpin: Makes his thorns, imbued with cursed energy, explode with explosive force. This causes the veil of cursed energy around the spikes to expand until detonation.

Is Nobara Kugisaki Death

Is Nobara Kugisaki Death

Currently, Nobara Kugisaki is dead in the manga Jujutsu Kaisen. She found her death fighting the Mahito curse in Shibuya.

During the Shibuya incident, Yuji and Nobara faced the Mahito curse. Mahito’s cursed technique, one of the most powerful curses in the world, allowed him to transform a soul by one touch, his own or that of his target. in this way, he was able to painfully manipulate the body of his target in order to adapt it to his soul.

Mahito split into two parts and competed individually against Yuji and Nobara. However, Nobara’s cursed technique allowed her to attack the souls of her opponents by severed body parts, which made her the perfect match for the fight against Mahito. The curse soon realized this and exchanged places with his double.

This confused the two magicians. While Yuji knocked down the double, Mahito took the opportunity and used a confused Nobara to touch it. With idle transfiguration, the side of Nobara’s head exploded.

Since Yuji had not gained control over Sukuna’s powers, he could not use the reverse cursed energy to save her.

Nobara Kugisaki Hair

She Paints Her Hair

Nobara is depicted in the anime with red hair. Unlike Yuji’s light pink hair, which is obviously colored, Nobara’s hair looks very natural and could easily pass as a natural hair color.

Although her red hair looks legitimate, her natural color is actually much darker. She dyes her hair because she likes the look, and although red hair may not be authentic, they fit her style perfectly.

Her Favorite Brands Are Balenciaga And Onitsuka Tiger

Her Favorite Brands Are Balenciaga And Onitsuka Tiger

One of Nobara’s favorite hobbies is shopping. Her hometown in the countryside is very small, so she did not have many opportunities for shopping in her childhood. Now that she lives in Toko, she loves to spend her free time wandering around the city, going to the shops and trying on clothes.

Nobara is very fashionable and loves designer brands. She has a very expensive taste and likes national and international labels. For example, her favorite designer brand is Balenciaga from Spain, while her favorite shoes are made by Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese company.

Her Grandmother Convinced Her To Enroll

Her Grandmother Convinced Her To Enroll

Little is known about Nobara’s family or her life before she enrolled at Tokyo Jujutsu College. In episode 3, “Girl of Steel”, a flashback shows that Nobara felt forced to leave her hometown after her friend Saori was ostracized by the locals because she was from Tokyo.

While Nobara was motivated to move to Tokyo in the hope of seeing her friend again, it was her grandmother who convinced her to enroll as a student at Tokyo Jujutsu College. It is unclear whether Nobara’s grandmother knew that she was a sorceress, but fans might be glad that she pushed her granddaughter to move to Tokyo, because the show would be much less interesting without her.

Your Straw Doll Technique Can Harm The Soul

Your Straw Doll Technique Can Harm The Soul

Nobara’s straw doll technique may seem simple, but it is certainly one of the most powerful techniques in the series. She can attack enemies at close range or from a distance, firing her energetic fucking nails with her hammer, which makes her very versatile in battle.

Not only does Nobara’s technique cause an incredible amount of physical damage by piercing your target and flooding it with her cursed energy, but it can also damage your opponent’s soul. This means that his techniques are also effective against Mahito, whose idle transfiguration technique makes him immune to physical attacks. All in all, Nobara has one of the most effective arsenals of techniques in the series, and she goes well with all but the fastest curse.

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