‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Satoru Gojo Characters Death, Powers, and Everything

Satoru Gojo is not only one of the main characters, but also one of the most popular and beloved characters in Kaisen Jujutsu. Satoro is proud of the Gojo family and is known for being a Jujutsu magician at a special level. going beyond the four levels of power, this category applies to people with immeasurable destructive potential and strength. There are only four registered special level assistants. Satoro is considered the strongest of all.

Despite the seriousness of his position, Satoro is playful, proud and has certain authority problems. This is also evident in his work as a teacher at the Tokyo Jujutsu School, a school he also attended as a student. He becomes the guardian and mentor of the main trio of students and refuses to obey the order to sacrifice Yuji. On several occasions, he makes it clear that he believes that his successors in terms of strength and power are Yuji and Megumi.

Many of the curses fear him and try to kill him in order to gain prestige. However, most of them, given the size of his forces, are not able to land a single blow against him. He is the first character to use a domain extension in anime, and therefore the first to explain what the force is and how to use it.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Satoru Gojo Powers

Jujutsu Kaisen: Satoru Gojo Powers

It is well known that Gojo Satoru is the most powerful sorcerer among all shamans. His amount of cursed energy is impressive and his techniques are dangerous and very powerful.

1. Eye shadow in a new style

In the fight against Sukuna, Gojo gets into the ropes several times and has to make a lot more effort than he is used to. One thing he’s having a particularly hard time with is expanding the domain of Sukuna, the malevolent shrine. This domain allows the curse king to cut anything and everything he wants in his domain without stopping, which poses a serious threat to the white-haired Jujutsu wizard.

A temporary solution that he applies to this problem is the new shadow style: simple domain. This creates an area around your user where the guaranteed hit of a domain cannot reach him. It is not without flaws, but against a powerful opponent like Sukuna, it can still be circumvented with some time. It is also said that Gojo is not able to teach this technique to others, since he is a born genius and has difficulty communicating his ideas to others.

2. Curtain

Due to the existence of curses and the threat they pose to the general public, jujutsu sorcerers have found a way to limit them to a certain area. This is done through the use of various barrier techniques that have been established to limit the influence of curses on the surrounding region. They come in various forms, one of which is the curtain, an ability that creates a spherical domain in which people or curses can be enclosed.

Gojo used this technique during a mission with Yuta and Maki, explaining that it was easier to undo it from the inside and at the same time be able to extract curses. It is used with a simple enchantment, but not all sorcerers are capable of this.

3. Teleportation

Since he has the ability to manipulate space to a certain extent, Gojo ingeniously uses his powers to facilitate teleportation. Although it is not explained exactly how he does this, it can be assumed that by changing the structure of space in certain places, Gojo can easily teleport long distances. In contrast, he can cover shorter distances without prior preparation.

He has been seen several times using this ability alone and also with other people. He teleported Yuji with him to the place where he fought against the cursed ghost of the special game, and also Toge and Panda to Jujutsu High so that they could prevent the death of Yuta and Maki.

4. Emotion Of The falling flower.

After denying his simple mastery, Gojo used the falling flower emotion to reduce the damage from Sukuna’s attacks. This ability, of course, is designed to repel all attacks that come into contact with its user, however, Gojo still suffered some damage due to the strength of Sukuna’s dominance. It is an anti-domination technique, and only the three large families should know about its existence. Gojo learned to perform it when he was still a child, but did not use it after mastering his mastery.

In the battle with Sukuna, this countermeasure allows him to repel deadly cuts from the malicious shrine. It also can not be denied or withdrawn and is applied directly to the wearer’s body.

5. Black flash

Black Lightning is a skill that other jujutsu magicians can also use. However, it requires enormous concentration and has so far been performed only four times in a row in the series of Yuji Itadori and Kento Nanami.

It is a concentration of cursed energy that must be applied within an extremely short window of 0.000001 seconds after a physical attack. This leads to the fact that the cursed energy of the user flashes black, which significantly increases the strength of his attack. Although Gojo’s brain is capable of processing information on a superhuman level, even he is not capable of getting it out, as if it were second nature.

6. Incredible strength

Gojo was not only incredibly skilled in martial arts, but also showed impressive physical strength. He was able to master special-class spirits such as Wild and Hanami in hand-to-hand combat, and even easily edit a Yuji that Sukuna possessed at the beginning of the series. In this context, he probably overpowered three of the strongest cursed spirits of the series.

Although it is unclear whether he uses cursed energy to increase the power of his attacks, it is obvious that almost no one is able to reach him directly when it comes to strength.

7. Unlimited

Limitless is a skill that has been passed down from previous generations of the Gojo family. It gives its user the ability to manipulate space and serves as the basis for Gojo’s most powerful techniques.

In its neutral state, it is called infinity. In simple terms, it erects an insurmountable barrier between the gojo and an opposing entity. The barrier is a distortion of space, which, it would seem, freezes everything that wants to pass through it. But in reality, the object crosses space at an infinitely slow speed.

8. Reverse cursed technique

This rare ability allows a magician to combine two sources of negative cursed energy, which leads to the generation of positive energy. This is an extremely complicated technique, the main purpose of which is in the field of healing and recovery.

However, Gojo uses it in different ways. Although he uses it to preserve the primitive state of his brain and recover from life-threatening injuries, it has also brought to light his offensive abilities. For example, when he uses it in conjunction with the unlimited, he creates the destructive reversal of the cursed technique: red.

9. Reverse cursed Technique Red

This technique is based on the already mentioned reversal of the Cursed Technique and the way it is applied in connection with the unlimited. By making the negative energy in one area reversed and positive, the phenomenon of attraction described in blue becomes a phenomenon of repulsion.

This means that red does not suck out objects, but pushes them away, and with tremendous force. In addition, Gojo can use this ability to influence an entire area or focus it on a single person, announcing his precise control indefinitely.

10. Six eyes

The six eyes allow its user’s brain to process information at breakneck speed. It reinforces the power of the unlimited and enables advanced skills that otherwise could not be realized without it. It is also a trait that has been passed down from the older generation, with Gojo being the first wizard in the last hundred years to possess the six eyes and the unlimited.

Through the use of the six eyes, Gojo has learned to keep his infinite ability active, even if he is not aware of it. This means that it is insensitive to various kinds of forces that want to harm you at any time of the day. With the six eyes, he also learned to reduce the consumption of cursed energy when performing a cursed technique, so that he never runs out of cursed energy.

11. Unlimited emptiness

Unlimited Void uses a domain and serves as an extension of Gojo’s domain. A domain is a space that exists in the mind of its user, and the process of imposing this environment on reality is called domain expansion. After the manifestation of this space, the power of the cursed techniques of its users is amplified and cannot be avoided.

As one of the strongest domain extensions in the series, the capabilities of Gojo’s unlimited void are truly terrifying. Once activated, it captures the user’s goal in the limitless and allows him to overload his brain with endless information, as a result of which he becomes immobile until his inevitable death.

12. Technique of purple emptiness

The Hollow Technique: Purple is essentially a combination of the cursed blue and red techniques. Lila combines the effects of both techniques and creates an energy ball that completely destroys everything in its path. Moreover, it not only destroys; the forces that are in the game work in such a way that it completely erases everything with which it comes into contact.

The ability is first seen in the anime during Gojo’s confrontation with Hanami; a special grade cursed ghost. In this case, he created a ball of formidable proportions and fired at Hanami, completely destroying the environment. Later in the series, during his second encounter with Toji Fushiguro, he employed him on a much smaller scale, but it was still enough to defeat the Assassin wizard.

13. Boundless emptiness

This is the extension of the Gojo domain. It creates a metaphysical space in which the victim receives an infinite number of different types of stimuli and information. It saturates all your senses and prevents you from thinking and acting. Gojo limits your characteristics and may even prevent you from feeling the effects of dominance if you have someone by your side who makes physical contact with that person.

Why does Gojo cover his eyes in the Jujutsu Kaisen?

Why does Gojo cover his eyes in the Jujutsu Kaisen

The ability of the Six Eyes is exactly the reason why Gojo has to wear a headband. His powers require cursed energy to power him up, and his increased vision is a huge loss of strength – if Gojo wasn’t wearing his headband, he’d be exhausted in a matter of minutes.

That’s why most of the time when you see Gojo, he often wears a blindfold or sunglasses – in fact, it’s quite similar to the reason Cyclops wears a visor in the X-Men. You might be wondering, ‘How does Gojo see through the blindfold?Well, the creator Gege Akutami really reacted to this.

In the official book Jujutsu Kaisen Fan, he explains that the six eyes actually function as a kind of high-resolution thermography specific to the cursed energy. Therefore, he can still feel things around him and the cursed energy is still consumed, it just allows him to move on without getting tired.

How powerful is Gojo Satoru in Kaisen Jujutsu?

How powerful is Gojo Satoru in Kaisen Jujutsu

Gojo possesses a number of incredible abilities that allow him to escape by saying that he is the most powerful wizard in the world. One of them is his incredibly impressive knowledge of martial arts – when Gojo took up the game, he could easily master it and even fought Wild and Hanami at the same time.

Similarly, his unprecedented endurance allows him to get out of a surprising injury – when, for example, he was stabbed in the chest by Toji Fushiguro, he barely reacted. However, his greatest powers come in the form of the Unlimited and the six eyes, the combination of which makes him the first being in over 400 years to possess both at the same time. However, as always, this incredible power has its price.

Satoru Gojo Death

Satoru Gojo Death

Gojo’s death has been confirmed, but fans believe that there is still a chance that he will return. After his death, Gojo chatted with his friends while he was in limbo between life and death, and expressed his grief over Sukuna’s loneliness. With the concept of South and North, Gojo hinted at his possible return to the series.

The concept of the south and the north is that after death you can go in both directions. If the deceased wants to remain true to his roots, he will have to go north. However, you have to go south if you want to see a new version of yourself. It is possible that Gojo decides to go north, which gives hope for rebirth.

Another way Gojo may be able to return is his reverse escape technique. This is Gojo’s ability to allow a magician to combine two sources of negative cursed energy, resulting in the generation of positive energy. The complicated technique involves healing and recovery.

What will Gojo Satoru return to Jujutsu Kaisen for?

What will Gojo Satoru return to Jujutsu Kaisen for

In a video posted on his channel by YouTuber Companion, he put forward the theory that one of the reasons why Gojo could survive is that he still has something to do, and he is not referring to his personal goals of changing jujutsu society or defeating Sukuna. No, instead he refers to having a conversation with Megumi and telling her the truth about her father Toji Fushiguro.

This corresponds to a revelation by the creator of Kaisen Jujutsu, Gege Akutami, who had said in an interview in 2021 how Gojo Satoru would one day tell Megumi who her father was and that it was he who defeated and killed him. Gojo even refers to it in the last chapter, Chapter 236, saying that he hasn’t done it yet, but has asked his friend Shoko to take care of it in case he couldn’t do it himself.

Can Gojo be brought back to life in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Can Gojo be brought back to life in Jujutsu Kaisen

Since Gojo died during chapter 236 of the manga, Jujutsu Kaisen fans were sad and disappointed with his death, as he is the face of the series. He had an unexpected death when he lost the battle with Sukuna, and the upcoming chapter 237 may tell us more about what will happen next.

In a vision of the afterlife, Gojo had a conversation with Nanami, in which Nanami informed him that if he wanted to stay as he was, he should go south, which Nanami himself had chosen. In contrast, he should go north if he wanted to change and get to know a new side of himself. The fans hope that Gojo will choose the latter and come back to life in the process.

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