Kaiti Garbi is placed for Achillea Beo and we are thinking of a song of hers

And you have some shows, some journalists who, instead of focusing on the facts, deal with Kasselakis. Who said that because I don’t know how to treat girls I want to adopt two boys. So what do you mean, that the rest of us Greeks will adopt children to produce p@@stides? . With these words, Achilleas Beos chose to thank those voters who supported him and placed him back in the position of mayor.

Elena Akrita , Katerina Kainourgiou , Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Pantelis Tutuntzis were among those who condemned, each in their own way, the homophobic statements of Achillea Beau. Kate Garbi could not be absent from the list of celebrities who took a stand , as she often takes a stand on current issues.

Kate Garbi calls for justice over Beau’s homophobic remarks

This time, therefore, the singer tackled the political landscape of Greek society which presents many pathologies. Her placement for Achilles Beo could have been the title of one of her songs: Dispensation of Justice. I’m off, I’m writing 2 days after the homophobic slurs that were heard and I conclude that society doesn’t need my position but the prosecutor’s , wrote Kaiti Garbi on her personal account on Twitter/X.

The singer, on the occasion of the cancellation of her appearances due to the crime at Blue Horizon, has admitted that she feels uncomfortable taking credit for what she says and does and which in some cases should be taken for granted, unaccompanied by credit .

“Every time I post the comments are mostly flattering, supportive and I get the credit. When we talk about the self-evident, the moral and the human in situations like the ones we are living in the last days in our country, I honestly feel uncomfortable with the applause , the singer had said, adding that the cancellations of her performances in Crete were the obvious and the least he could do .

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